2025 Audi R8 Successor EV Release Date

There have been some flying rumors about the existence of 2025 Audi R8 over the years, especially about the possibility of electrification. Well, the company has finally confirmed that the upcoming model would be designed (and launched) as an EV. It means that the company is on its right path to future electrification and upcoming development. What can we learn about Audi’s future planning concerning their R8 variant?

The Future Plan

According many sources, there would be an all electric model that launches in 2025. That’s why many have speculated that it would be the upcoming 2025 Audi R8. This new electric successor would be running on V10 although details haven’t been revealed. The official confirmation about the new R8 hasn’t been made just yet, but reports have mentioned that developments have been going on.

As it was mentioned before, the rumors about the new R8 possible development have been circling around for years, but Audi has finally been ‘spotted’ doing some serious preparation to make their next super ride, and it would start off around the middle period of the decade. It hasn’t been officially confirmed or signed off, but it’s underway.

2025 Audi R8
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After all, Sebastian Grams, the Managing Director or Audi Sport, has stated that he has done his best to have the R8 successor, and the board of Audi does too. Moreover, they have been trying to consider different designs or concepts, and electrification seems to be the proper direction. Even Grams wishes that the future development would result in electric R8.

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New Electric Concept

Even if the R8 would be coming as an electric vehicle, it may not retain the nameplate. High chance is that the new ride wouldn’t be named the R8 and it will possibly come with a completely new (design) language that is completely different from the current model.

Despite the different name and possibly design style, the electric successor to the R8 would still be constructed as a true (and pure) sports ride. It means that it would have a low roof, two doors, and also a punch of power – definitely more power than other variants within Audi line-ups.

2025 Audi R8 Images
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For now, the strongest and ‘punchiest’ Audi model is the GT e-tron RS, running on all wheel driving system and dual motor setup, which is able to generate 440 kW of strength. In Boost mode, it can even generate 475 kW and also 830 Nm of torque. However this GT RS e-tron is a sedan with four door layout, constructed within the same platform shared with Porsche Taycan, the J1 EV architecture.

Powertrain and Performance

Let’s not forget that the R8 has been dropped from some local markets. For instance, the Australian market doesn’t get the model after the company decided that they are going to stop using the V10 unit with 5.2 liter capacity. It may still be sold overseas, but some markets simply don’t get the offer. Moreover, if the upcoming R8 successor finally launches, it won’t be the first fully electric or electrified model from the segment Audi Sport.

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2025 Audi R8 Coupe
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The company had launched an R8 e-tron back then in 2015, having 2 electric motors with rear wheel driving system. They only made 100 units, so the success was pretty short lived. This e-tron had a total output of 340 kW and also 920 Nm of torque, able to reach 100 kilometers per hour in only 3.9 seconds. It came with 92 kW (battery) pack with T-shaped design, able to cover 450 kilometers of driving range.

There is very limited information about the upcoming R8, but everyone is hopeful that the upcoming 2025 Audi R8 would be as good as the current model; and hopefully, they can make it even better.

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