2025 Ford Edge Exterior

2025 Ford Edge and the Developing Stage

Will there be 2025 Ford Edge in the making? Previously, there had been rumors about Ford dropping off the Edge from their lineup. The discontinuation plan had been circling around the auto world, making people wonder about the future faith of the midsize SUV. But it seems that Ford has a different plan for the …

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2025 Ford Mustang

2025 Ford Mustang Review, Release Date, Specs

Welcome back to CarsJade channel where we are going to talk about 2025 Ford Mustang. Have the passion in auto world? Want to know more about the latest models being launched by the world class auto makers? Tune into our channel. We make sure that we bring you the newest development and info, so be …

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2024 Ford Maverick

2024 Ford Maverick: Safety and Technology

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Welcome back to Carsjade! Today, we are diving into the exciting world of compact pickups. Indeed, small pickups are making a roaring comeback, and at the forefront of this trend is the 2024 Ford Maverick. This versatile and practical truck is breaking barriers and redefining expectations. Join us as we take …

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2025 Toyota Stout vs 2025 Ford Maverick

2025 Toyota Stout vs 2025 Ford Maverick – Head to Head

Today, we have an exciting head-to-head comparison between two highly anticipated pickup trucks: the 2025 Toyota Stout and the 2025 Ford Maverick. Who will come out on top? Let’s find out! Design Wise   When it comes to design, both the Toyota Stout and Ford Maverick offer unique and distinctive styles. The Stout has a …

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2025 Ford Focus

2025 Ford Focus: The End of the Family Ride

Bad news for Focus’ fans as the 2025 Ford Focus may be the end of the family vehicle. Ford has made an official announcement that they will stop making the Focus, right in 2025, because they want to focus on electric models. With the announcement, comes more questions. Does it mean that Ford is still …

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2025 Ford Thunderbird Price

2025 Ford Thunderbird: Will It Ever Be Made?

There have been different (and separate) rumors concerning 2025 Ford Thunderbird, but auto enthusiasts are excited that there is a possibility that it would be coming as a redesigned project. Some say that the Thunderbird should be coming back to the industry, while others say that it’s entirely a rumor only. However, it would be …

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2025 Ford Edge

2025 Ford Edge: What Its Future Will Be?

Will there ever be 2025 Ford Edge manufactured and released to the public? The future of the Edge doesn’t seem solidly scheduled well, especially with the company has different plans and they constantly change their plans (and schedules) to accommodate everything. One day they decided to cut the production off, and the next day they …

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