2025 Audi Q7 Redesign

2025 Audi Q7: Will It Get Some Changes or Not?

There have been some flying rumors about the 2025 Audi Q7, mostly stating that the midsize SUV will likely have its last internal combustion technology within this model. With the growing trend of electrified vehicles, it’s pretty logical if Audi is swayed by the idea of electrification. But will the Q7 cut for it? What’s …

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2025 Audi A8

2025 Audi A8 e-tron Coming as the Future Model

Rumor has it that the upcoming 2025 Audi A8 would be constructed on top of Grandsphere Concept, which was introduced in 2021. There have been several rendering images of the upcoming A8, which would be coming as the electric vehicle. That’s why it would be called the A8 e-tron. The auto maker themselves are still …

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2025 Audi R8

2025 Audi R8 Successor EV Release Date

There have been some flying rumors about the existence of 2025 Audi R8 over the years, especially about the possibility of electrification. Well, the company has finally confirmed that the upcoming model would be designed (and launched) as an EV. It means that the company is on its right path to future electrification and upcoming …

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2025 Audi A4 E-Tron Review

2025 Audi A4 e-Tron Coming as the E4

The upcoming 2025 Audi A4 e-tron would be called the E4. As you can guess, it would be electrified, designed to compete against Tesla Model 3. According to some reliable sources, the new E4 would be offered in Avant and also sedan versions having softened edges. This new model is quite promising and sophisticated, able …

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2025 Audi Q7 Specs

2025 Audi Q7: Some Covers Drop Showing New Hints

The manufacturing process of 2025 Audi Q7 is coming closer as the vehicle has been spotted to drop some of its cover. The company still doesn’t want to reveal much about their upcoming production, but the testing prototype seems to get closer to the final production model. When the company has dropped some parts of …

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2025 Audi Q5 Release Date

2025 Audi Q5 Promising New Look

The suspected 2025 Audi Q5 has been spotted with its camo prototype, designed to keep the sparks alive for the crossover. After all, the company wants to move to the fully electric vehicle fast, but they will try their best to deliver the last ICE Q5 for the last time. Naturally, because they want to …

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2024 Audi A4

2024 Audi A4 Avant Possible Updates

With the 2024 Audi A4 Avant is said to undergo a redesigned work, it’s quite logical that people are curious about the new look and the novel styling. The vehicle has been spotted with heavy camo in the last (several) events, but the ride has finally dropped the came within the recent spy shot images. …

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2024 Audi A7 Spy Shots

Step into the Future with the 2024 Audi A7

The Audi A7 has long been known as one of the most stylish and advanced luxury sports cars on the market. The new 2024 Audi A7 model builds on this legacy, offering drivers a driving experience like no other. With its stunning design, cutting-edge technology, and impressive performance, the 2024 Audi A7 is a car …

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