2024 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2024 Toyota Highlander and the Expected Improvement

Whereas most people talk about the grandeur plan of 2024 Grand Highlander, many of them seem to forget about the 2024 Toyota Highlander. Yes, Highlander still remains, and yes, it’s still being manufactured. It seems that the fuss of more features and more techs for the Grand Highlander has made ‘forget’ about the existence of …

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2024 Land Cruiser Price

2024 Land Cruiser: Will It Be Back?

Will there be a 2024 Land Cruiser? There have been rumors about Toyota bringing back their big and burly SUV to the auto market, but with the current situation and the facts that no one really wants to buy it, will it still be a good idea or Toyota is only doing the useless thing? …

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2024 Toyota Prius Prime

2024 Toyota Prius and Possibly Drastic Changes

You can’t really expect the new 2024 Toyota Prius to come with significant and drastic changes, considering that a full redesigned project has taken place in 2023. Through the 2023 transformation, the Prius has undergone dramatic updates, had improved stylish look, experienced better performance, enjoyed better fuel economy, and had a wider array of high …

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2024 Grand Highlander

2024 Grand Highlander Huge SUV Coming Closer to Debut

The 2024 Grand Highlander would be perfect for those who are interested in having Highlander SUV (from Toyota) but with bigger space. So, yes, this is a huge ride; bigger than the already big and burly Highlander. Toyota designs this vehicle for those looking for comfort, performance, and most importantly, space and size. What to …

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About the Best Year Model

6 Best Year for Toyota Sienna that You Should Go with

Do you know that there are some models of the best year for Toyota Sienna? The Sienna has been known as this reliable minivan that can carry passengers as well as cargo quite effectively. This vehicle also comes with smooth operation, impressive handling, and comfortable drive. However, just like other vehicle and models, there’s nothing …

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2024 Toyota MR2 Latest Update on Price and Release Date

2024 Toyota MR2 – In 1984, the first Toyota MR2 was introduced, boasting everything a “roadster” should have. Awards were given to the Japanese automobile titans for their wonderful invention, which flourished for six years before the 1990 birth of the second generation. The sporty commuter design of this new generation, which is still in …

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2024 BMW X3

2024 BMW X3 Price and Release Date

The third-generation BMW X3 was unveiled in 2018, and the 2024 model is part of that. This tiny SUV has a very sporty appearance that also gives it a posh appearance. Because the improvements made to the 2022 model are significant, it is not anticipated that this model would differ significantly from the prior model. …

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