2025 Jeep Cherokee: Will It Be a New Model?

People are waiting for the updated plans concerning 2025 Jeep Cherokee because the nameplate has been synonymous with quality, comfort, and also good looks. Jeep has managed to create lineups of iconic vehicles, and Cherokee is one of them. The nameplate has been around for decades, so it should be exciting to find out what the auto maker has in store concerning its development. With electrification and modern demands, will the Chrokee maintain its classic charm or will it develop, grow, and blend with all the futuristic hype?

About Cherokee

As it was stated before, Cherokee has been designed not only for functionality and practicality, but also for power and performance. The development of 2025 Jeep Cherokee has been anticipated as people are curious about what kind of offroad goodies can they offer more. It’s safe to say that Cherokee doesn’t only offer exciting adventures, but it can also style and comfort. Yes, it’s an SUV. And yes, it’s not exactly a truck. But who says you can’t set off and wander the world outdoor comfortably?

Updated Design

The auto maker, unfortunately, hasn’t provided any information about the updates happening to the Cherokee. It’s unclear whether they will keep the same style or they will improve it. However, many auto enthusiasts and fans have speculated that Jeep will likely ‘keep’ the rugged appearance. it’s possible that there would be some minor updates, mostly happening to the wheel arches with squared off look, the LED headlamps for a more aggressive appearance, and the grille. But then again, we don’t really know for sure, so we can’t really discuss it through.

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2025 Jeep Cherokee
2025 Jeep Cherokee

It’s predicted that Cherokee’s overall silhouette would be more modern without ditching its offroad capability or strength. There are even some images on the net, showing off the imaginary Cherokee’s design for the 2025 model. These images aren’t the official release from the auto maker, so don’t get your hopes high. But still, from those images, the Cherokee looks even boxier – which surprisingly makes everything even look better and more appealing. Hopefully, Jeep would seriously consider about it.

Powertrain and Performance

Rumor has it that the new 2025 Jeep Cherokee would be running with different powertrain options. But again, don’t get your hopes high because the company hasn’t confirmed it just yet. The base trim level may be running on four cylinder turbocharged unit, while the higher (and more expensive trims) may be running on V6 unit. There is also a possibility of hybrid powertrain. After all, most auto makers are offering such a powertrain. The details should be available soon.

2025 Jeep Cherokee Specs
2025 Jeep Cherokee Specs

Expected Interior Goodness

The Cherokee has gained its reputation as this comfy and plush vehicle, but you should expect more with the 2025 model. Sources have stated that Jeep has been focusing a lot on blending up practicality and comfort, and the Cherokee’s cabin is expected to deliver top-notch luxurious vibe. Ergonomic design should be expected, together with high quality materials and better upholstery. It will remain spacious, but it’s also possible that cargo space will be even bigger.

2025 Jeep Cherokee EV
2025 Jeep Cherokee EV

Price and Release Date

Again, since there is no official announcement about the launch date or the price, it’s difficult to pinpoint the information. However, many have speculated that the SUV will likely debut some time in 2024, but most likely closing to the end. The early 2025 would be the latest schedule for them to debut the vehicle.

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Information about the price is still unknown too, but it’s predicted that the base trim may start from $25,000 to $30,000 – and it can go up from there. We should know more about 2025 Jeep Cherokee  once the auto maker is ready to reveal more updates – hopefully, it’s going to happen next year.

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