2025 Ford Edge and the Developing Stage

Will there be 2025 Ford Edge in the making? Previously, there had been rumors about Ford dropping off the Edge from their lineup. The discontinuation plan had been circling around the auto world, making people wonder about the future faith of the midsize SUV. But it seems that Ford has a different plan for the SUV as it seems that there is going to be a new Edge, after all. The entire plan is still unclear as the auto maker doesn’t want to provide detailed information, but if you are one of those Edge’s fans, be prepared because your favorite SUV is in the making!

About the Edge

The Edge SUV has been designed as a midsize vehicle that has the right combo of everything. No wonder if it becomes one of the favorable rides for families. Because of its combo of roomy cabin, punchy performance, comfy driving experience, and tons of handy features, the SUV is deemed capable enough to haul not only people, but also cargo.

2025 Ford Edge Exterior
2025 Ford Edge Exterior

For the upcoming 2025 Ford Edge, expect to find wonderful and functional vehicle that is wrapped in a modern and sleek design. The Edge has been known for its elegant stance and versatile functionality, but everything would be elevated higher through the 2025 model.

The Updated Exterior Area

The new Edge would incorporate visually appealing curves with sleek lines that will amp up the car’s beauty. The grille would be the centerpiece, which means that they are going to make it pop. Some sources say that it would be bold in design and style with somewhat menacing (but aesthetically) commanding presence.

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2025 Ford Edge Engine
2025 Ford Edge Engine

The entire front end design will improve the car’s aerodynamics while improving its appearance at the same time. With the combination of LED taillights and headlights, you should be able to have clearer view of the road (on the front and back), while making sure that they also add sophisticated flair to the car.

Promising Interior Cabin

The Edge has been known for its spacious cabin, but you can expect more from 2025 Ford Edge. It feels roomy and exclusive at the same time. Everything is designed to boost comfort and convenience. It’s also quiet and it’s just plush, perfect for long drive.

The cabin would be packed with luxurious and premium finish, along with high quality materials and functional features. Technology will be a part of the improvement, so it should be modern and sophisticated at the same time. Expect bigger touchscreen display, modern (and better) infotainment system, and tons of smart sophisticated features. it’s likely that it has SYNC infotainment system for the command center, delivering user friendly operation and seamless connectivity to improve comfort on the road.

2025 Ford Edge Interior
2025 Ford Edge Interior

Safety features will also improve, especially with Ford Co-Pilot360 technology that can provide advanced driver assistance functionalities. Basically, you won’t have to worry about your safety while driving. Ford will take care of you just well.

Price and Trim Levels

Despite the minimum information about the new Edge, we can always take ideas from the 2024 model. It was offered with five different trims, and the price ranged between $40,000 and $50,000. It’s possible that the 2025 model will have a slightly higher price tag, so be prepared about it. The lineups are:

  • SE would be the base trim level, and it’s set at around $40,500
  • SEL is the next one in line, sold at around $41,600
  • ST-Line would be the next higher trim, set at around $45,600
  • Titanium is another trim that would be set at around $46,000
  • ST would be the highest trim level with a tag of $45,700
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Release Date

It’s unclear when the Edge will launch, but it’s likely happening in 2024 – probably after the middle of the year. We should know more about 2025 Ford Edge when more info is available.

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