2025 Ford Expedition: Going through the Testing Stage

Is it true that 2025 Ford Expedition will get a significant redesigned touch-up? This is basically a question that isn’t very easy to answer. In order to get the right information, you need to take a look at Expedition’s history within the last few years. And then, you can get a clearer understanding of what to expect from this full size SUV.

The Redesigned Rumors

The Expedition has received significant improvement through their 2022 model, and the result was fantastic. Rumor has it that the suspected new Expedition has been spotted undergoing the testing stage. From this stage, it’s quite obvious that the vehicle has received some changes. Aside from the exterior styling changes, there are also changes on the inside. Moreover, it’s speculated that there would be new variants, and it’s two of them, with Focus Timberline as the offroad model and the Edition Stealth model.

2025 Ford Expedition
2025 Ford Expedition

But then again, other sources mentioned that the 2025 Ford Expedition will, in fact, not getting a drastic makeover. These sources stated that the Expedition will only get some minor refreshed work, being updated from the 2022 model. Some auto enthusiasts even prove their points from the spied photos. Even with the heavy camo, you can still see the obvious familiar silhouette from the current Expedition.

The Exterior Appearance

It seems that the 2025 model would be coming with square taillights, D-pillar on the back, and also upright rear end. The grille would extend fully, covering the front end, dividing the headlight (which houses the running daytime lights) with the C-shaped models.

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The auto maker themselves hasn’t provided any official confirmation about Expedition’s transformation, or whether it will get a completely (and thoroughly) redesigned work. But then again, many believe that the 2025 model will get the refreshed work considering that the company did it for their 2022 model, which was considered a long time ago. And this may be considered odd for Ford because they are known to really like updating their productions.

2025 Ford Expedition Redesign
2025 Ford Expedition Redesign

According to the rumors, changes may happen but not entirely. The changes will be focused on some areas only, such as the grille. The big SUV is expected to come with square grille, new front clip, and also possibly a new hood. The updates will likely happen mostly on the back, with improved taillight design and improved liftgate.

Some state that the rear area of the Expedition may look like Range Rover, but it’s not known which one. It’s even possible that Expedition will get more vertically oriented taillamps and horizontally extended lights (to the liftgate).

What’s with the Interior?

Expedition is plush and roomy, and it has always been like that. Moreover, the current Expedition is known for the high quality and premium materials, matched up with the luxury features and amenities. The cabin for 2025 Ford Expedition may not change much. The plushness will remain and so will the comfy vibe. Technology, including safety features, will likely improve, made better from the 2024 model. It shouldn’t be surprising if the cabin may have the same layout or design, but with improved ambiance.

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2025 Ford Expedition Interior
2025 Ford Expedition Interior

Powertrain and Performance

There is no information yet about the powertrain, but you should expect hybrid unit because Ford is all about electrification now. If we take a look at F-150 with its dual turbo V6 unit of 3.2 liter and an electric motor, it’s able to generate 380 hp. If the auto maker uses the same unit for the Expedition, the full size SUV is definitely going to be a tough and promising one.

Price and Release Date

Expedition isn’t a cheap vehicle, which means that pricing may start from around $70,000 and it can go up to $90,000. There is no info about release date, but it’s highly likely that 2025 Ford Expedition will be ready in 2024, before the year ends.

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