2025 Kia Soul: A Carryover with Some Updates

Although 2025 Kia Soul is expected to be a carryover from the 2024 model, you should expect some minor updates that aren’t only happening on the inside, but also the outside. The auto maker has decided that they aren’t going to do anything major or grandeur for the upcoming Soul, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t tweak a little here and there. These updates are expected to improve the overall look and performance of the vehicle. Not only it will make the new Soul look good and attractive, but it will also boost its performance and power.

What’s Happening to Soul?

Soul is one of the popular and likable lines from the Korean auto maker and it happens for various good reasons. For a starter, Soul is basically a good and reliable car. With the nice blend of comfy ride, spacious interior, affordable price tags, and also tons of handy features as its standard, it isn’t hard to see why people are in love with the vehicle.

2025 Kia Soul Changes
2025 Kia Soul Changes

Reliability is one of the reasons why Soul is super popular amongst auto enthusiasts. For the 2025 Kia Soul model, it would be a carryover, but with a slight redesigned profile for the body. The 2024 model came with a unique look, mostly because of the distinguished headlights profile. Thanks to its compact LED headlights and also attractive rear trim (surrounding the rear pillars), the overall look looks solid, attractive, and good looking.

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The 2025 model is expected to retain the same design elements. As a result, the new Soul should have this nice athletic look with sleek overall profile, able to attract different kinds of drivers and target markets.

The Updated Plan

So, what kind of updates to expect from the 2025 Soul? First, the exterior area will get some improvement, especially on the headlights and grille. The rear bumper and taillights will also get some touch-up work. Second, the interior will get not only new materials but also new colors. Expect to get more sophisticated features, including better infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless technology. For driver safety features, expect improved rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitor, which is believed to boost safety protection.

2025 Kia Soul
2025 Kia Soul

The Pros and Cons

What will you like from the upcoming 2025 Kia Soul? The roomy cabin is definitely a plus factor, and with also generous cargo space, this Soul is definitely a promising offer. The handle is nice, offering comfortable handle and easy manoeuvrability. And when you top it off with tons of good features as the standard, you get yourself not only an attractive ride, but also a functional one. And let’s not forget that nice price range (and affordability) is something to like about the Soul.

2025 Kia Soul Features
2025 Kia Soul Features

However, let’s not forget that this ride isn’t perfect. When you compare it to other rivals, they can actually offer more spacious cargo space. Moreover, the vehicle isn’t exactly quiet so it can be pretty noisy when you are moving in a high speed.

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Powertrain and Performance

Considering that it’s a carryover model, the powertrain option shouldn’t be too different from the previous model. The base one, for instance, is expected to run on inline four unit with 2.0 liter capacity that can generate 147 hp, matched up with front wheel driving system and the CVT. However, you can go with optional four cylinder turbocharged unit that delivers 201 hp that is coming with auto dual clutch transmission.

Release Date and Price

It’s possible that the upcoming Soul would be available before the end of 2024. In fact, some predictions say that it may happen in the very early of 2024. For the price range, it may not be overly different from the 2024 model. For instance, the EX trim may start from around $20,500 while the S trim starts from $27,000. We should know more about the details of 2025 Kia Soul when the auto maker is ready to reveal the complete details.

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