2024 Audi Q5 and the Likely Drastic Changes on the Inside and Out

People are curious with the changes happening to 2024 Audi Q5 especially those transformations would be happening on the inside and out. Up until now, there hasn’t been much information about what the future Q5 would be, but from the heavy camo on the exterior as well as the interior, it’s safe to say that Audi is being serious for this upcoming SUV. What can we expect from this future ride?

The Updated Plan

It seems that Audi wants to highlight the extensive (and grandeur) physical transformation that they are doing. Some photos even show the new (third gen) Q5 being parked right next to the previous models so everyone can see the transformation. Although changes would be happening on the outside, the main focus would be happening on the interior, as there would be a pretty radical change.

2024 Audi Q5 Redesign
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The Main Differences

For Audi, the Q5 model has been such an important lineup because it’s one of the company’s most popular rides. This model has been around for 6 years, which means that new updates are needed. The reason why Audi would place the new Q5 with the old one is to display the significant differences – while helping them understand the big work.

Audi hasn’t said anything about this current work, but many have predicted that they would officially announce the details and the specs within the later time of 2023, probably close to the end. From the images alone, however, we can see that the new version would be lower and longer. From the look of it, it seems that the windshield comes with more pronounced slope and also dramatically sinking roof design on the back. As a result, you can expect a sportier effect to the entire design.

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2024 Audi Q5 Release Date
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The prototype (with camo) is still coming with placeholder lights which are located on both ends. However, it seems that this SUV would get a one-piece headlight unit on the front, which is pretty conventional. Many auto enthusiasts predict that it may come with the split lamp design (which is incorporated by the Q6 e-tron) but it doesn’t seem the case. Keep in mind that these lights would be LEDs, which mean that Audi would likely offer its (smart) LED adaptive matrix lighting system.

The Interior Updates

The changes on the outside are nothing when compared to those happening on the inside of 2024 Audi Q5. Instead of a rectangular touchscreen tablet (which is offered in the current model), you can expect a big and square infotainment display and also (freestanding) digital instrument cluster. Basically, not only the interior cabin would be more modern and sophisticated, but the technology features would be better improved. Although there is no information about the safety techs or drive assist systems, expect them to be included in a better manner for the upcoming Q5.

2024 Audi Q5
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Powertrain and Performance

As it was mentioned before, Audi hasn’t provided any detailed information about the new Q5, and that includes the powertrain option. However, sources stated that the Q5 would be sharing similar powertrain layout as the A4, which means that the Q5 would be coming with diesel, petrol, and also plug in hybrid options. It would likely be running on dual clutch 7 speed transmission and four wheel driving system as the standard. There is also a possibility of auto 8 speed transmission.

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Price and Release Date

Information about the price is very limited and scarce. Considering the touchup work, it’s most likely that the new Q5 would experience a pretty significant price increase although it’s unclear for how much. Expect the SUV to launch around the second half of this year. Until then, we can only wait for further updates of this 2024 Audi Q5.

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