2025 Audi A8 e-tron Coming as the Future Model

Rumor has it that the upcoming 2025 Audi A8 would be constructed on top of Grandsphere Concept, which was introduced in 2021. There have been several rendering images of the upcoming A8, which would be coming as the electric vehicle. That’s why it would be called the A8 e-tron. The auto maker themselves are still quiet about it, especially their developmental progress of the A8, but we can be sure that it’s underway.

The Updated Scheme

The German (International) Motor Show in 2021 was the showcased of electrification technology and also alternative mobility options. Basically, the future (and also electric) rides were revealed and introduced during the event.

2025 Audi A8
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During the event, Audi had the chance to introduce their Grandsphere concept, which was basically the newest innovation within the company’s trio ‘Sphere’ show rides, showing off the company’s future path in electrified vehicles. Audi has shown strong cues and hints that the current A8 would be transformed into an all electric A8, which should be exciting to explore and know. It’s safe to say that the Grandsphere concept is none like the others. Not only it’s premium and luxurious,  but it’s also futuristic and different. Audi is even confident enough to claim it as a private jet especially constructed for the road.

Future Development

The current A8 may be handsome and good looking, but it may be lacking of aesthetic aspect. When compared to its strong rivals of Beemer and Mercy, the A8 is somewhat missing something. Audi wants it to change, and that’s why they introduced the Grandsphere concept that packs up practical and bold styling cues.

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2025 Audi A8 E Tron
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Design and Style

There have been some rendering images of what 2025 Audi A8 e-tron may look like, but you need to remember that these images aren’t made or endorsed by Audi. They are made by fans who re-imagined what the car would look like with new platform and electrified platform.

The singleframe grille is somewhat changed with (chrome) highlights somewhat ‘spearing’ toward the car’s wheels. The design is inspired by the R8 super ride with its slim headlamps and low hood, while having the upper beltline and also scalloped doors to add the aesthetic appeal. The Grandsphere has the boat-tail design and it may not be the same, but the images have fastback rear with floating roofline, sculptured rear buttresses, and also OLED tail lamps.

Platform and Performance

The new A8 may be using the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture from VW, and it may share modular construction with the future Audi A6 e-tron and also Porsche Macan EV. Thanks to the 800V of 120 kWh battery (pack), the car is predicted to cover 466 miles (or around 750 kilolmeters) of range. With DC fast charge, you can charge the car for 10 minutes, enabling it to cover another extra of 186 miles (or 300 kilometers). It basically only takes 25 minutes to charge 5% of power up to 80%.

New 2025 BMW A8
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The Grandsphere concept is able to generate 530 kW (or around 700 hp) and 960 Nm of torque. It is able to reach 62 mph in less than 4 seconds. It’s paired up with all wheel Quattro driving system, with electric motors placed on the rear and front axles. This would be the same configuration reserved for the S8 e-tron, although the lower powered types would also be offered.

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Release Date and Price

Considering that the A8 for the 2025 model year would be all electric type, it means that price may increase quite drastically. There is no information about the upcoming release, but you should come prepared. Moreover, you should remember that the A8 e-tron would be competing against other strong (and expensive) rivals, like Lucid Air, BMW i7, Tesla Model S, and Mercy EQS, so you get the idea of how much you will have to prepare.

Many auto enthusiasts predict that the 2025 A8 e-tron would be officially introduced in 2024, or even possibly in the very early of 2025. It means that the current A8 will still be around for at least several years. There is even a possibility that a mild facelift may take place within only several months ahead, so if you want to know more about 2025 Audi A8 e-tron, you should stay tuned and wait for the auto maker’s official announcement.

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