2025 Audi Q7: Some Covers Drop Showing New Hints

The manufacturing process of 2025 Audi Q7 is coming closer as the vehicle has been spotted to drop some of its cover. The company still doesn’t want to reveal much about their upcoming production, but the testing prototype seems to get closer to the final production model. When the company has dropped some parts of the camo, it gives you a sense of better visual image of what the car would look like. So, what can we expect from it?

The Updated Plan

The Q7 has the updated version, and it’s clearly on the way. With strong competitors like Mercy GLE or Porsche Cayenne, Audi needs to figure out the Q7 seriously so they would be ready to reveal it before this year ends.

2025 Audi Q7 Specs
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The Facelift Design

The company plans on having a midlife facelift for the Q7, but it’s going to be an evolutionary step instead of revolution. In terms of design, though, there would be some subtle changes that are meant to update the entire design and style for the future model.

Expect a bit reshaped front grille, with a little bit open and new design when compared to the current model. Expect to have tweaked headlights too (they would be slimmer too), wrapping nicely around the grille. The prototype has this lower bumper that is somewhat still covered over. But many auto enthusiasts are sure that there would be redesigned vents right behind the wrap.

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2025 Audi Q7
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On the side, the changes are happening but less dramatic than the front area. The Q7 will keep the boxy (SUV) shape, which is quite different from the Q8 with the sloping roofline. Expect to find some (alloy) wheel design too to improve the overall style of the vehicle. On the prototype vehicle, the rear light design is covered with a type of sticker. It’s meant to cover the entire design to conceal the real style. But it’s pretty easy to predict what the rear area would be. It seems to be light bar that connects the two sides, which would be similar to the Q8 e-tron model. The lower bumper has a more aggressive design than the previous design, and you can still enjoy the (sporty) roof spoiler.

Powertrain and Performance

In terms of powertrain and engine options, it seems that the new 2025 Audi Q7 would have the same powertrain arrangement to the current model. It means that you can expect a petrol V6 unit with 3.0 liter capacity that is able to generate 340 hp. Or even the two diesel options with 3.0 liter capacity that can generate different output: 231 hp or the 285 hp.

2025 Audi Q7 For Sale
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The SQ7 super ride is possibly coming back, along with the petrol V8 unit with 4.0 liter capacity, which is able to generate 507 hp. But then again, it’s not clear just yeat whether the improved version would have better performance or not.

Q7 had PHEV version, which was removed from the lineup. However, there is always a chance that it may be returning to the plan; possibly with more range and bigger battery. The previous battery was able to cover 34 miles with electric juice only, so many have expected that the updated version would be able to cover 40 miles.

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Release Date and Price

It remains unclear when the Q7 would be introduced to the public. However, it’s likely coming before 2023 ends or before the middle of 2024. The Q7 would be designed as a premium ride, which is basically more premium than the current model. The price may start from around £60,000 or around $66,200. We should know more about 2025 Audi Q7 once more info is ready and available.

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