2025 Audi A4 e-Tron Coming as the E4

The upcoming 2025 Audi A4 e-tron would be called the E4. As you can guess, it would be electrified, designed to compete against Tesla Model 3. According to some reliable sources, the new E4 would be offered in Avant and also sedan versions having softened edges. This new model is quite promising and sophisticated, able to support DC charging up to 270 kW and it is able to cover 300 miles of distance. This model would likely be made in Germany.

About the Company’s Roadmap

Audi wants to have their own comprehensive EV lineups within some years ahead, and they want to have premium segments too, starting from the E3 (the A3 e-tron) to the successor of R8. For the E4, it would likely be coming as a midsize electric sedan, as a starting part of the company’s launch and their plan to sell only electric vehicles in the future.

2025 Audi A4 E-Tron Review
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Platform and Construction

Previous report stated that the next generation of E4 would incorporate pure electric model. That’s why they would use the PPC (Premium Platform Combustion) platform for the PHEV and mild hybrid variant, while the E4 would be using the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, developed together with Porsche. This special electric platform of 2025 Audi A4 is able to support 100 kWh of battery, claimed to cover 435 miles of distance.

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2025 Audi A4 E-Tron
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Audi introduced their A6 e-tron concept during Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, announcing that their premium sedan may be constructed with PPE architecture. It seems that they are going to use the same platform for Audi E4 although the E4 would be coming with narrower tracks and shorter wheelbase. This PPE platform itself would be used for Porsche Macan EV or Audi Q6 e-tron, and both of them would be coming to dealerships in 2024. Afterwards, Audi will roll their E6 (or A6 e-tron) together with A6 e-tron Avant. Both companies have ‘ambitious’ plan to sell their EVs up to 7 million units before 2030.

Features and Specs

It seems that the future design of the A4 would be a four door with conventional model that runs of battery juice. The design cue seems to be taken from A6 e-tron with singleframe grille for the pattern and shape. The key features may cover level 2 auto driving, adaptive air suspension, and (contactless) in car payments.

Powertrain Management

According to the company, their combustion powered A4 would be named into an all new A5. The company even stated that their EVs would come with odd numbers while their gas combustion power would be coming with even numbers. They want to restructure their naming conventions, so everyone will understand the concept. Many believe that if the company can do it right: have a unique platform and offer both electric and combustion models, it’s possible that the lineups can co exist until this decade ends.

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2025 Audi A4 E-Tron Range
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In fact, many are pretty optimistic that the E4 can be one of the best selling electric rides in America, provided if the company can do it right. If the E4 wants to stand out and even excel from its A4, this mid size electric sedan should be coming with better comfort, more space, and also more sophisticated technologies.

Price and Release Date

This upcoming E4 model is predicted to have a starting price from $50,000 and going upward. Of course, it depends on the trim levels, whose information is still obscured until now. We should know more once more information is available. There is no information about the debut either although many have predicted that it may happen in 2026. But there is always a possibility that it happens earlier in 2025. This 2025 Audi A4 (e4) would be dealing with other tough competitors like 2025 Beemer 3 Series electric, 2026 Mercy C-Class electric, and also Tesla Model 3.

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