2025 Infiniti QX80 Review, Dimensions, Price

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Our focus today would be about the upcoming 2025 Infiniti QX80. In case you don’t know it, the QX80 is the automaker’s flagship SUV that has been designed to deliver elegant and luxurious vibe. As a premium SUV, this QX80 surely comes with all the bells and whistles that make it different from other SUVs. Well, in terms of construction and features, this premium SUV is definitely special. Although the automaker hasn’t revealed all the complete specifications and details, it’s pretty clear that QX80 would be unique and different.

2025 Infiniti QX80 Exterior
2025 Infiniti QX80 Exterior

For now, Infiniti only shows off the exterior design. Well, they have actually done this before during Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2023 with their QX Monograph concept. The concept ride was quite impressive, especially for the front end. With imposing shape to create a tough and solid stance, it even looks bigger and scarier with the super big grille. It’s safe to say that this is somewhat a masculine vehicle with all the tough and buff. The combination of big wheels, red details, a floating greenhouse, menacing shape, and big (and upright) grille has exuded a vibe of confidence and power.

The upcoming 2025 QX80 is finally getting the refresh that it needs. The plan to refresh the SUV has been done several years back, but it seems that the automaker just has the time (and efforts) to do it now. The QX Monograph concept is believed to preview the new design. If it’s true, then Infiniti is surely going back to the top spot of world’s luxury class lineup.

In terms of design and style, it looks somewhat familiar and clean. Do you know that the grille is actually inspired by the nature? It’s supposed to imitate patterns from a peaceful and serene bamboo forest. And with a new logo right on the center of the grille, you can expect a 3D effect. Yes, it’s supposed to be 3D and it should illuminate – or so they say.

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Anyhow, such a cool and unique grille would be accompanied by also aesthetic headlights with their sleek designs. They are LED, by the way. The side profile would also be sophisticated too. Basically, the overall design won’t be too much different from the current QX80, but then again, there would be some improvements, for sure.

2025 Infiniti QX80 Changes
2025 Infiniti QX80 Changes

Okay, so we are going to focus on the exterior styling first, ok? It seems that lighting would be a crucial point for the new QX80, so it’s not really surprising if the features would be quite a stand out. In fact, it would be quite bombastic. With sleek front headlights and then a light bar across it as the Daytime Running Lights, the front end would look just marvelous. According to the automaker, this design is called digital piano key, which will show off cool display of light when getting closer or departing.

And the illuminated logo does have its own function, basically functioning as the light show, together with the side fog lights. In short, the new ride would have a seamless blend of the lights and grille that creates a harmonious effect. It would be completely different from the current SUV that seems to have a separate or compartmented design for each of the element.

For the side profile…it also comes with a clean look. It shares similar look with the current QX80, but there is a sense of better design and also better sophistication to the entire design. The side area comes with this pronounced, but flush, arch design. You can expect a big mirror on it. The wheels are definitely bigger, around 22 inches or even more with turbine style design. The door handles are smooth and flush, meaning that when you unlock them, they would pop out. To complete the look, black roof with roof rails are somewhat blending nicely and harmoniously into the entire bodywork.

What about the back area? Whereas the front lightbar is prominent and obvious (remember the digital piano key style?), the same thing also happens on the back. The concept ride doesn’t show any exhaust tips, but then again, it’s a concept model. It’s possible that it hasn’t been completely designed for a production-ready model. Although it’s obvious that the design is new, there is a familiar and recognizable QX80’s vibe about it.

The automaker stated that this is only a concept model, but the resemblance with the current model is uncanny. Big chances that the upcoming QX80 will look like the concept car. A lot. But then again, there is possibility that this new model would experience some changes, especially closing to the production style. It’s also possible that lighting department will get the most changes when entering production stage.

What about the interior, then? Infiniti hasn’t said anything about the cabin. They haven’t flaunted any images or pictures either. However, many auto enthusiasts believe that the new SUV would come as a complete package. After all, the current cabin is old and pretty ancient. According to some predictions, the cabin will have all the required features and technologies, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, together with infotainment screens, instrument cluster, comfy seats with cooling and heating features, and wireless charging pad. You can also expect keyless entry, luxurious materials, and panoramic glass roof. In short, the cabin would be plush, exclusive, and cozy despite the very minimal details.

Let’s not forget that the QX80 comes with 3-row layout, which means that it’s spacious enough to accommodate 7 people quite comfortably. As a luxury SUV, there are many optional features to expect. For example, you can choose whether you want to have the regular bench configuration or the captain’s chairs for the second row. Upholstery and materials will improve. Expect chrome or wood finish if you want to have a luxurious appearance. And with soft leather covering all surfaces, you can definitely expect greatest improvements.

2025 Infiniti QX80 Engine
2025 Infiniti QX80 Engine

Now, we are talking about powertrains and engine. The current QX80 is running on V8 naturally aspirated unit that is basically an update from the first gen. it also means that the same unit has been used for more than 20 years. Sure, updates have been done, but still….the unit should be replaced. Although a V8 is a solid unit, it still needs a new replacement. It’s possible that the new QX80 will be running on a new V6.

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It may be a twin-turbo packing up new punch and performance. It’s paired with auto 9 speed transmissions, replacing the old 7-speed transmission. When the automaker is mixing up a gearbox and a new unit, they are targeting fuel economy’s improvement. But then again, we still don’t get the detailed updates. Even if the prediction is true, this arrangement will apply for the base unit. If you want a hybrid powertrain, there would be a different arrangement for it.

We are going to talk about price and launch date. The current model is already set at $73,000. It means that the 2025 QX80 would be coming with higher price range. But then again, the QX80 would be coming in various trims – and their specs and features. The information about the available trims isn’t available just yet, but it’s possible that the trims will follow the same footstep as the midsize QX60. It means that you can expect 4 trims, from Pure, to Luxe, to Sensory, and finally Autograph. With the base Pure may be sold more than $73,000, the Infiniti QX80 isn’t exactly set for everyone – especially those with a budget.

There is no information about the launch date, but we should expect it to come in around 2024; both for the debut and the official launch. Details are still limited for now. We haven’t heard another latest updates. So, if you want to know about the QX80, subscribe to Tamautorumors so you won’t miss out a thing. We will give you more info once we know the exact future design of the QX80, so seriously stay tuned!

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