2025 Toyota Stout Changes, Review, Dimensions

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Our topic today would be about 2025 Toyota Stout which makes a huge talk among auto enthusiasts and hardcore fans. The upcoming Stout is claimed to combine all the good things of new techs in the industry, such as hybrid’s eco friendly nature, utility benefits of a truck, an affordable price tag, and also a nice compact dimension.

2025 Toyota Stout Exterior
2025 Toyota Stout Exterior

So here’s the deal: pickup trucks are huge in the US auto industry, besides the SUVs, of course. It has been proven by the popularity of Ford F-150 as well as other truck models, like Dodge RAM or Chevy Silverado. Basically, SUV and pickup trucks are hugely liked and favorable amongst auto enthusiasts.

However, aside from the huge popularity, Ford F-150 sales numbers in 2022 experienced a little flop when compared to the 2021’s sales numbers. F-150 maintains to stay on the first spot, followed by Chevy Silverado and Dodge RAM. Even Toyota RAV4 has formed its own loyal fanbase. The compact crossover turns out to have a solid fanbase. But to spark up things and also to add a little spice to the competition, Toyota plans on developing a new Stout nameplate, which would be designed as a compact pickup truck.

Stout isn’t a new nameplate. The Japanese automaker designed Stout as their first ute in the 60s. In fact, Stout has been proven to be a handy ute from the 60s to the 70s as a reliable workhorse in farms in Australia. And now, the automaker has a plan to revive the nameplate again, shown from the trademark filings – although Toyota doesn’t want to say much about it.

This Stout is meant to go against Ford Maverick, which has been dubbed as Ford’s new sensation. The compact truck is also meant to compete against Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Stout is said to combine the efficiency of a sedan and the compact size, designed to deliver ultimate perfection and comfort. Once Stout is launched, the automaker is confident enough that people may not need an SUV anymore. Why should them with the Stout around?

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So, what does Toyota have in mind when it comes to Stout? First of all, the pickup truck would be designed as a compact ride, which would be perfect as a solid competitor for crossovers. Toyota Tacoma with its midsize layout may be a favorite for many people. But then again, the auto market in America seems to be expanding and growing. It still has enough space for a compact truck, which is believed to bridge the Tacoma and the other gigantic models. This spot currently belongs to Camry, Toyota RAV4, and Tesla Model Y. In the future, the Stout would be placed right within this slot.

What to expect from the Stout? Well, details are shady and not much are revealed. But many have speculated that it may be constructed with TNGA architecture. To be exact, the Stout may use the GA-K platform that has been used to build RAV4 and Camry. Other people speculate that Toyota may use the GA-C platform, instead. This platform is especially designed for smaller crossovers and cars, like Corolla Cross. If they use this platform, they can manage to keep costs affordable and low. Whatever Toyota’s plan in mind, Toyota is determined to create a compact pickup for a slot right above the Tacoma.

2025 Toyota Stout Interior
2025 Toyota Stout Interior

In terms of dimensions, Stout would be slotted between Corolla (having 176 inches in length) and RAV4 (181 inches). It means that Stout would be compact and comfortable enough, but at the same time also offering enough punch and power, shown through the towing ability. This is basically the same strategy that Ford does with their Maverick.

Some of the excitements people have about the new Stout is the color scheme. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be cool if such a compact ride is accompanied by attractive colors? Some of the auto enthusiasts have made speculations. First, they speculate that Stout may be coming with Solar Octane. It’s a vibrant and bright orange that will make the truck look different. Second, it would be cool if Toyota can offer Red Barcelona, which is audacious and bold to represent passion and power.

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But if you prefer subtle hues and calm colors, there are Storm Cloud that is basically a mix of blue and gray. There is also the Acidic Blast, a yellow-gold hue for sophistication and adventure. Another option is the Blue Crush Metallic, a sleek modern color that has this cool confidence and vibe. But then again, these colors are only predictions. Don’t be too surprised if they aren’t available when Toyota reveals their true color options during the debut.

Another reason why Stout is becoming a trending topic today is because of the winning features. for a starter, despite the compact side, it is able to provide more space in the cabin. Not to mention that you can make use of the available storage within the bed area. Let’s not forget that compact trucks have better view for the traffic. This is a feature that is typically associated with the SUV.

But then again, the Stout is able to offer more than just the regular SUV’s performance. Not only it can fit just perfectly well in most (standard) driveways and garages, but it can also offer ideal driving experience for city drivers and also road adventurers. So, basically, you can use the Stout for all kinds of driving needs and types; whether you want to use for commuting or for adventure trips.

Okay, so we’ve talked about the possible winning and pleasant features of the new Stout, but what about powertrain and performance? Well, Toyota is planning hybrid unit for the Stout. It’s basically another winning factor for daily usability and also fuel efficiency. The details are still unclear, but Stout Hybrid is competing against Maverick, so maybe we can get a clearer idea about what to expect from Stout. Maverick is running on hybrid unit with 2.5 liter capacity. It even comes with impressive EPA rating combined at 37 mpg.

If that’s the case, it’s possible that Stout hybrid unit is running on 2.0 liter capacity, generating 196 hp. Or there is also a possibility of the hybrid powertrain running on Dynamic Force hybrid with 2.5 liter capacity, delivering 219 hp. Both will be able to offer impressive fuel efficiency system. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, for instance, comes with 40 mpg EPA rating, which basically surpassing Maverick. If Stout is able to even surpass such an achievement, Stout can be a ‘threat’ for almost each crossover or SUV within the market.

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2025 Toyota Stout Engine
2025 Toyota Stout Engine

Everything seems like an ideal ride – truly a dream comes true. But let’s not forget that everything is just speculations. Everything that we discuss here is simply speculations. But there is always a possibility that the Stout is even greater. We can only cross our fingers for it.

Keep in mind, though, it would be difficult to beat Ford Maverick with its low price tag. With a tag set at around $23,000, it would be difficult for Toyota to beat it up. They need to be clever in setting up the pricing, making sure that they do it right. They still have to deal with Dodge RAM Rampage in their competition.

Stout is meant to be slotted under Tacoma, whose price is estimated to start from around $29,000. With this fact as the basic consideration, and also about RAV4 and Corolla Cross’ starting prices, many have anticipated that Stout may be launched under $25,000. But it’s still prediction because in reality, it would be super difficult to keep prices under the standard if the manufacturing cost is huge.

Even with people don’t really appreciate Maverick (and its abilities), it would be difficult to refuse or resist the combo appeal. Who would say no to a truck that is compact, easy to maneuver, affordable, and powerful?

So, that’s it, folks! That’s what we can reveal about the Stout. With such a promising potential, it’s difficult to resist its charm, especially if the real production is THAT GOOD! Stay tuned to Tamautorumors to know more about Stout’s future. Again, don’t forget to like and subscribe this channel so you won’t miss out.

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