2025 Ford Explorer: What Kind of Goodness to Expect?

Some plans have been made for the new 2025 Ford Explorer – at least, some preparations have been made. The Explorer is known as this reliable SUV having 3-row layout, which is meant to support great comfort and promising performance. What does Ford have in store when it comes to their precious Explorer? Read on and you should find out.

The Updated Plan

The Explorer is another flagship model from Ford besides their top F-150 model. The model had received a redesigned project back then in 2020, which means that a mid-cycle refresh should be expected. It shouldn’t be surprising if the updates are happening to 2025 Ford Explorer, especially for the tech and styling design.

2025 Ford Explorer Changes
2025 Ford Explorer Changes

Powertrain and Performance

The current Explorer, the base level, is running on turbo four unit, with hybrid unit and V6 twin turbo unit along the lineups. All of the powertrain options are matched with auto 10 speed transmission, together with all wheel and also rear wheel driving system. For instance, the base Explorer to Timberline is running on turbo four unit with 2.3 liter that can generate 300 hp, while the Hybrid Limited and Premium are running on hybrid option of electric motor and V6 unit with 3.3 liter capacity, generating 318 hp. The high levels from ST, Platinum, and King Ranch are running on V6 twin turbo unit with 3.0 liter capacity delivering 400 hp.

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2025 Ford Explorer Redesign
2025 Ford Explorer Redesign

Pros and Cons

Some of the things to like about the new 2025 Ford Explorer is the fact that it offers spacious cabin. The Explorer, as mentioned before, has been known as a spacious ride, but you will feel a significant spaciousness with the new Explorer. You will notice that the interior cabin offers lots of rooms to move conveniently and comfortably.

Moreover, the new Explorer comes with a hybrid option, which means that you can enjoy electrified version if you want to. And you don’t have to compromise power or performance at all. The three row ride is expected to run with V6 twin turbo unit that is able to generate 400 hp. This is such a convenient offer, isn’t it?

2025 Ford Explorer Specs
2025 Ford Explorer Specs

But on the downsides, there are some unfavorable things to be prepared for. First of all, the materials for interior cabin somewhat feels cheap. It’s not too lame, but still….Ford should be able to deliver better quality. Moreover, the fuel economy isn’t very impressive. And you need to be ready to spend more if you want to have the nicer trims (which are usually on the top spot).

In the overall end, the Explorer is able to offer more features and perks. If you are okay with the downsides, they aren’t too annoying. You need to realize that Explorer isn’t a perfect ride, after all.

Price and Release Date

The Explorer has quite a various trim level ranges, from the base line of Explorer to the top of the line King Ranch. The price tags may range from $39,000 to around $56,000. The lineups would start from Explorer, then the XLT, followed by ST-Line, and then Limited. Afterwards, you can expect the Timberline, the ST, the Platinum, and then topped off with King Ranch.

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Information about the exact price tags isn’t available just yet. But if you want something that is worth your money, you should get the XLT. You won’t have to spend extra $10,000 (which you can get to buy the Limited), but you can still enjoy nice features, such as push button start, steering wheel wrapped in leather, keyless entry, bigger instrument panel, and privacy glass.

As a 3-row SUV, the Explorer is designed to tackle Chevy Traverse, Jeep Grand Cherokee L, Kia Telluride, and Toyota Highlander. And Ford needs to be serious with their development if they don’t want to lose the battle. The release date, again, is still unknown. But it’s predicted that it will take place in 2024 – most likely after the middle part of the year. We should know more about 2025 Ford Explorer once the auto maker is ready to provide more information about their future production.

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