2025 Honda Ridgeline: What Updates Should Be Expected?

Will the new 2025 Honda Ridgeline get the required updates and changes? This midsize (pickup) truck has gained its own reputation and also its own loyal fan base, and it happens for many good reasons, really. Aside from the fact that it’s a comfy ride, it’s also a versatile vehicle that incorporates unique construction, thanks to the unibody layout. Ridgeline is big, but the 2025 model will bring a more upscale appearance.

The Updated Plan

Despite the good looks, it’s believed that the Ridgeline is due for an update. A lot of people have been talking about Honda should consider about having a new generation. If the auto maker is going to make a new vehicle, not only the 2025 Honda Ridgeline will come with a new look, but it should also incorporate improved interior too.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign
2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

Honda hasn’t said anything about their future plan regarding Ridgeline’s development, but people have been talking. Different sources have stated various statements and claims, but they are all pointing to one obvious sign: the auto maker is cooking up something. It’s quite obvious that they are preparing something, and it’s most likely that they’re preparing the upcoming Ridgeline.

If there is going to be any redesign work for the Ridgeline, it’s likely going to be a thorough one. It means that you should expect changes on the exterior as well as the interior, the powertrain, and also possibly the construction (and layout) of the vehicle.

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Possible Updates

The Ridgeline is designed as a midsize pickup truck with boxy design. Not only it offers amazing exterior style, but the entire layout also affects performance and driving quality too. It offers various (and versatile) features, but it also offers impressive tough driving smoothness.

2025 Honda Ridgeline
2025 Honda Ridgeline

Many of auto experts believe that Ridgeline won’t get any significant updates if Honda ever decided to redesign the vehicle. They believe that even if it happened, the most possible updates will only on the top surface. They don’t believe in all new generation design either. But even a subtle refreshed work can still do its magic, especially if Honda can do it properly.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Specs
2025 Honda Ridgeline Specs

Real Automotive and Q Cars, the pixel masters of the auto world, have just released their own predicted designs of the (possible) new Ridgeline. The design will incorporate a streamlined look. People at Q Cars are sure that Honda will incorporate a minimalist design having modern LED taillights and slimmer headlights. In the meanwhile, Real Automotive even believe that the auto maker won’t change the car’s front fascia. They only make it sleeker with more focus on the taillights.

Price and Trim Levels

Because the auto maker hasn’t provided any information about the Ridgeline price ranges, we can’t really tell you how much you will have to spend for 2025 Honda Ridgeline. However, many people have predicted that the price tags will likely remain the same, if not a slightly bit higher. Ridgeline is available in five trims, each comes with its own features and perks. The estimated price along with the trim levels are:

  • Sports, as the base trim, would start from around $41,000 – give or take
  • The next one would be the RTL with a tag of $44,000
  • Afterwards, comes the RTL-E with a tag of $47,000
  • The Black Editor will come in line, sold at around $49,000
  • And then, the Trailsport, would be the highest trim, set at $53,000
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Final Words

Because of the different opinions about the upcoming designs for the Ridgeline, it’s hard to say which one would really be made come true. Will Honda be satisfied enough with the subtle changes of the Ridgeline or will they risk everything to spend more costs for new production? We don’t really know about the future of 2025 Honda Ridgeline until confirmed information has been made.

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