Best Tires for BMW i3 2023: Five Candidates that Are Worth Considering

It’s imperative that you choose the right and also the Best Tires for BMW i3 2023 because this vehicle isn’t the ‘regular’ combustion type. In case you don’t know it, the Beemer i3 is an electric ride, which means that its arrangement, layout, and technology are different from the others. In order to achieve optimal efficiency, this vehicle needs a special treatment, and that also includes the tire choices. It’s a good thing that there are some promising candidates that are considered ideal for this kind of EV. What are they?

Bridgestone Ecopia EP500

Bridgestone Ecopia EP500
Bridgestone Ecopia EP500

With a combination of unique handling characteristics and power distribution, it’s only logical that you need to pick the best tires for BMW i3 to make sure that you can match up the vehicle’s performance with the top-notch accessory.

  • The combination of (super high) rolling efficiency and asymmetrical tread is responsible for the quick response (for the electric drivetrain) as well as the high torque capability.
  • It comes with high quality material, the rubber compound, which results in perfect tread and tire quality. The idea is to minimize (and reduce) deformation.
  • The tire is able to provide low rolling resistance, leading to quite a significant energy reduction. In fact, the tire is said to have the lowest rolling resistance within the industry, so you can only imagine all the good things offered by this tire.

Despite all of these good traits, keep in mind that this tire isn’t exactly the winter tire. It means that snow performance is questionable. However, since the tire has (summer) rubber blend, it has just impeccable performance for dry surface and summer months.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

When compared to other premium and more popular brands, this one may not be overly known. But it doesn’t mean that the tire has a lousy performance. In fact, it is surprisingly performing well – and you can definitely expect the worthy outcome for any spent dime.

  • The grip performance is excellent, whether it’s on dry surface or wet setting. Even in mild and wet weather, the solid grip won’t disappoint at all. It’s safe to say that the tire has admirable top notch quality in both dry and wet situations.
  • It is able to tackle sudden (and unexpected) hard braking and also tight corner without sacrificing stability and balance.
  • The winter grip is even better and somewhat more solid in cold weather. Many people who have used the tire for harsh winter claim that the tire doesn’t disappoint at all.
  • It’s a very quiet tire, which is quite surprising. You will enjoy even better driving experience without being bothered by the road noise.

Unfortunately, you need to be careful about pushing the tire too hard (and quite suddenly) in wet and mild temperature. There is always a possibility that the tire would lose its grip.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM500

Bridgestone Blizzak LM500
Bridgestone Blizzak LM500

If you are looking for the Best Tires for BMW i3 2023 for winter, then you should look nowhere else. You have known the good things about Ecopia. Well, this Blizzak is the winter version of the tire. Moreover, this is the tire that has been specifically designed for the i8 as well as the i3.

  • With the combination of super tread and special rubber blend, this tire is able to offer impressive traction. It’s quite superior when compared to other winter tires.
  • It promotes symmetrical tread that is needed for slush and snow traction. When combined to the directional pattern (functioning more like a wet surfaces’ water wheel), the tire has traction increase, especially on acceleration because of the resistance. It also functions to reduce the stopping distances.
  • The hydroplaning resistance comes with extra grip. You should be able to cruise through (packed) snow without losing grip on the surface.

Unfortunately, this tire doesn’t have low or efficient rolling resistance. But when it comes to efficiency, this tire is definitely a winner. If you live in the area where the winter is harsh or it snows quite a lot, then it should be included in your must-have list.

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S
Michelin Primacy Tour A/S

Not only this tire is claimed as one of the best tires for BMW i3, but it’s also offered as a (luxury) performance type, meaning that it has a nice balance between performance, longevity, and also comfort.

  • The tire promoted direct handling, so there is no fuss and no drama
  • You can expect a lot of reliable traction and grip in all conditions, whether it’s the weather condition or the road conditions. It’s safe to say that the traction is unbelievably well and the grip is extraordinary
  • When compared to the previous models, the snow performance is definitely improved. It’s better with nicer grips
  • The wet braking distance is short. In fact, this is the tire that can deliver one of the shortest distance ever designed
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As this tire isn’t perfect, you should expect some possible flaws and downsides:

  • The tire comes with average wet handling, which is quite mediocre when compared to the competitors
  • The available size starts from 17 inches, so there are no smaller sizes

Bridgestone Ecopia EP600

Bridgestone Ecopia EP600
Bridgestone Ecopia EP600

This is another perfect tire for the Beemer i3, but what’s the difference with the EP500, anyway? The EP500 is designed as the summer tire whereas the EP600 is the all season type.

  • The tire is designed as an all season tire, meaning that it has well performance in most weather, although it’s not suggested for freezing conditions.
  • If you live in the mild climate areas that snow occasionally, this tire is performing well. After all, it’s designed for light snow.
  • It is made from high quality rubber compound that is cold resistant and friendly.
  • It has asymmetrical tread with long contact patch which is responsible for rolling resistance decrease and traction increase. This element also plays a crucial part in high torque performance of an EV, like i3.

The only downside is that you can’t really use it for medium or harsh snow. Icy conditions should be avoided too.

Final Words

Hopefully, these options can help you find the most ideal tire for your needs. So, which of these best tires for BMW i3 that you like the most?

Gallery of Best Tires for BMW i3 2023: Five Candidates that Are Worth Considering

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