Best Tires for Honda CRV 2023: Some of the Best Candidates

What would be the Best Tires for Honda CRV 2023? On the contrary to what people believe, there are certain tires for different models and brands. All these times, most people (and car owners) believe that all tires are just the same. Well, they aren’t. So, if you have the Honda CRV, you should know that there are several candidate tires that would be perfect for your CRV. So, what are your options?

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
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This is considered one of the best dry performance tires, which make it perfect for summer months. There are some positive traits about this tire:

  • When compared to others, this tire is also affordable. It’s comfy with responsive steering feel and vibe.
  • It’s extremely stable. Even when you are speeding in high speed on highways, the tires are pretty stable and reliable.
  • It has premium material, with soft compound materials, allowing the tire to have fantastic grip, which enables you to tackle corners even with the high speed situation.

However, it’s not completely perfect. Some of the possible flaws are:

  • It’s perfect as a dry tire, but not so much as wet tire. In wet setting, it’s quite lame.
  • When compared to other tires, this one has shorter tread life – even shorter than the average type.

Continental Truecontact Tour

Continental Truecontact Tour
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This is one of the best tires with mid priced tag. This is an all-season tire that is known for its dependable and reliable. Some of the best traits include:

  • It has impressive and excellent durability. You won’t have to worry about its performance.
  • It has good rating of 4.5 score out of 5, which speaks volume of its quality. During examinations, it gets either Good or Excellent within all categories.
  • The tire is able to deliver smooth operation, long tread life, and also quiet ride quality.
  • It also comes in various sizes, from 15 inches to 19 inches.
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However, the only drawback is that the price isn’t exactly low. It’s set as the mid-range item that may cause you to spend extra, but it won’t break your wallet. But the spending is worth it because of the quality and performance it delivers.

Hankook Kinergy PTH737

Hankook Kinergy PTH737
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This one is considered as one of the best tires for Honda CRV in the entire categories. It falls as an all season tire that is designed to focus on fuel economy and comfort. Some of the positive aspects are:

  • It is an eco friendly tire that won’t hurt Mother Earth
  • It is offered in a wide array of sizes, so you should be able to pick the right size for your vehicle
  • It is able to deliver quiet and comfortable effect
  • The warranty is just amazing

However, the major downsides would be the price. The tire is pretty costly. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to have it.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport
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This is another one of the Best Tires for Honda CRV 2023 that is also known best for all the weather traction. It means that it would be the perfect option if you are looking for the all season item. Some of the positive traits are:

  • It has the combination of low drag and anti-roll compound that is responsible for the impressive traction.
  • It has superb quality and performance for all kinds of terrains and settings.
  • The tire is made from impeccable design and promising material, with asymmetrical design and silica tread compound. That’s why it has a dry (impressive) grip and also promising cornering ability.
  • It’s also quiet and comfortable, with all improved features and abilities.
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The only downside is the high price. Not everyone is able to finance the tire purchase to access the premium quality. But then again, the reputation and quality precede the entire setup.

Kumho Crugen KL33 Premium

Kumho Crugen KL33 Premium
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If you live in the area whose snow isn’t too much, this tire would be just perfect. The tire was originally used for Santa Fe (Hyundai), but over time, it’s more suitable for the CRVs. Some of the positive traits are:

  • It has good road grip, which is just impressive and promising. It also encourages safer and better usage.
  • The tire is great for light snow, but it also has good performance and promising outcome for dry roads. In fact, it has nice response even in corners
  • The tire is able to deliver smooth result regardless the settings and road conditions, even the rough ones
  • The traction on snow is pretty good, provided that it’s light and not too much
  • It is very balanced and stable, even in high speed

The only flaw is that the wet traction is pretty so-so. It’s not very promising so you need to be very careful in wet setting.

Michelin Pilot 4S Sport

Michelin Pilot 4S Sport
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The reason why it’s considered one of the best tires for Honda CRV is because of the combination of the best features and technologies packed within it. After all, a lot of drivers have known it as the promising performance tire that won’t disappoint anyone. Some of the promising features are:

  • It has awesome wet performance, which makes it super ideal (and also safe) for wet environment
  • The tire may seem simple and ordinary, but it actually has appealing design that would improve the aesthetic element of the tire
  • The grip ability of the tire is just amazing. Whatever speed you are on, you will never be disappointed. This also adds the safety feature of the tire (which would naturally affect the car itself)
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However, this isn’t a 100% perfect tire as it still has some flaws, such as high tag price and also poor resistance for aquaplaning. Instead of cutting through the water, the tire tends to ‘float’ on top of it. But in the overall run, this tire has tons of good (and promising) features that are just great for short and long distance trip.

Final Words

Naturally, these are only some examples of the best candidates. There are still more of them out there. You need to perform a complete research and finding if you want to learn more about the best tires for Honda CRV that fits your vehicle.

Gallery of Best Tires for Honda CRV 2023: Some of the Best Candidates

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