2024 BMW 8 Series Minor Tweaks to Improve the Overall Performance

Those who are into Beemer 8 Series would be happy to know that the 2024 BMW 8 Series would get some minor tweaks and updates. But don’t expect anything grandeur or excessively significant because there won’t be such a thing. The facelifted result would be so subtle that you have to look super closely. If not, you may miss it. According to some resources, the light tweaks would include minor style, fresh technologies, and also new color options.

The Updated Plan

The 8 Series won’t be redesigned. At least not for now. The tweaks and facelift would happen to the flagship vehicle despite its very subtle nature. You should see tweaked diffuser at the back, while the front would get new (and also illuminated) inserts for bumper intakes and kidney grille. In case you don’t know it, the M850i gets a little (M) badge on the right hand kidney grille. If you want to make a comparison, you can compare the refreshed 8 Series with the current one.

2024 BMW 8 Series Changes
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The Exterior Look out

To add up the transformational factor, there would be new color (4 of them) that you can pick from the layout. The options may not be as many as the M8 (it gets extra 8 colors, including the 4 fancy metallic Frozen finish). And to finalize the touchup, expect new wheels with 20 inch of size to create a more solid stance.

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2024 BMW 8 Series
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The Interior Comfort

On the inside, expect bigger display screen. Beemer has added 12.3 inch of (central) infotainment system with Beemer’s latest OS. For the seats, there would be carbon-backed style, inspired from M3 and also M4.

Powertrain and Performance

In terms of mechanics, it seems that the 2024 BMW 8 Series will still be running on the same powertrain. The base trim level, the 840i, would still be running on inline six B58 turbocharged unit that delivers 328 bhp through the rear wheel system. The M850i, the higher trim, would be running on V8 unit with 4.4 liter capacity that generates 523 bhp through the all wheel driving system. This M850i is able to reach 62 mph within 3.7 seconds.

2024 BMW 8 Series Dimensions
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There is also an option for M8 with V8 unit that is able to generate 626 bhp through all wheel driving system. It also comes with sophisticated selectable (pure) rear wheel driving system. This one is able to reach 62 mph within 3.2 seconds.

Q and A

Q: Does it mean that the price range for the 8 Series would increase because of the refreshed work?

A: It’s most likely. Every facelift would require a higher price. But the price won’t be too much that most people can still afford it. The Gran Coupe 840i starts from £72,300 while the M8 GC would be set at around £123,300.

Q: When will the new vehicle be made available for sales?

A: According to the plan, deliveries will start in March 2023, but interested buyers can make the order from now because the company plans to sell the ride before the delivery. Hopefully we should know more about 2024 BMW 8 Series before the launch date.

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