2024 BMW 5 Series Design Based On Spied Photos

BMW lovers would never miss the spied photos of 2024 BMW 5 Series that is thought to have an evolutionary design. Though the prototypes still cover the car’s evolutionary look in a secret, both the automakers and BMW lovers have already spotted the model.

Below are the brief review sections explaining what you can expect from BMW 5 Series 2024 model.


2024 BMW 5 Series will start its test on public roads earlier this month. The complete design is still covered-up, causing everybody hard to see the actual model and remodel of the car. However, we could still imagine how the car will look like based on the new unofficial preview.

2024 BMW 5 Series Price
Source : Autoevolution.com

BMW 5 Series 2024 model is the next gen of 5 Series is likely to have a designed inspired by the facelifted 3 Series mixing the 2 Series Coupe. This is based on the headlights seen from the spied photo. Also, the grilles will look bigger than that of the previous model. This way, they are much like the M3/M4 duo’s size and shape.


In comparison to new 7 Series and i7 that offer controversial headlight design, this BMW 5 Series 2024 model year tends to have a very different design. The 5 Series will appear traditional in its non-SUV lineup. However, its appearance is solid enough and stylish.

2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign
Source : Motoringresearch.com

The speculation said that BMW will keep its 5 Series Touring alive despite the rumor about the company that will bring the M5 Touring back as a competitor for either Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate or Audi RS6. Though this is just a speculation, this information is derived from the reliable source to let you see the model in real.


BMW 5 Series 2024 model will be released along with Euro 7-compliant gasoline and diesel engines. Fortunately, those engines are all featuring electrification. The engines also come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The rumors are spreading that the engines support the car’s performance to produce 565 horsepower. As you will notice later, the M5 range-topper is also designed to be a hybrid using electric motor as well as a V8 combustion mill.

A V8 PHEV is also expected to produce 700 horsepower to repeat the XM Black Label. This is the thing that is considered the most effective engine used in the model.

2024 BMW 5 Series
Source : carbuzz.com

Our source of information also states that BMW 5 Series 2024 model will be released along with all types of powertrain including the plug-in hybrid, electric, diesel and gasoline.


Based on the report, BMW 5 Series will seemingly designed with a more advanced Level-3 self-directed driving system. However, the regulation of applying this planned design will only be introduced in Europe and Chine. This is because the US regulation didn’t update the model with the newest tech. If Mercedes wants to beat BMW to level 3, they must receive the EQS and S-Class sedans certification.


When will the company start BMW 5 Series production? This is an important question to ask for information so you can predict the exact time of the car release date. In relation to this case, China will release its 5 Series Sedan (G68) that comes with two gasoline engines and a couple of i5 models in January 2024.

Meanwhile, the G99 codename is believed to perform highly and it will be set to a production in November 2024.

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All in all, we cannot have an exact picture of 2024 BMW 5 Series based only on the speculation. But the spotted prototypes let us imagine how the car will look like. Well, BMW lovers should not only wait for the release but also notice whether this review is close to the reality.

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