BMW 3 Series 2025 Being Offered with Different Platforms and Models

What can we expect from the upcoming BMW 3 Series 2025? Well, the auto maker has decided that they are going to make two different models: the electric and the one with internal combustion. Although it means that they are going to work extra hard (because they will have to use different platforms), they are adamant that they make it happen. They expect to broaden their target market, making more buyers interested in buying the new rides. Plus, they understand that some buyers are still hooked up to the internal combustion types, so they are offering one for those people.

The Updated Plan

Although the EV line may mean that the i3 would return to the market, the information about its existence is still shady and unclear.  Rumor has it that the 3 Series would be coming with both electric and petrol units, but the details are still ‘a secret’. The petrol units, undoubtedly, would be using the regular platform, while the new EV type would be utilizing the EV-focused construction.

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It’s even possible that both would be developed and made into different projects. The electric model, for a starter, would be included within the Naue Klasse project, focusing heavily on the electric platform and construction. The regular model will still be running on CLAR platform, which has been used by the # Series G20 model.

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The Australian Beemer division had reported (and claimed) that the electric type would be using a completely different platform; plus, possibly reviving the i3 moniker which had stopped several years earlier. It seems that the global brand has finally decided that resurrecting the first ever EV (forming the i-brand) isn’t a bad idea, after all.

The Dual Scheme

Frank Weber, the Head of the Development, stated that they agreed on creating dual models with different platforms because they have their own reasons. They believe that such an approach isn’t only viable, but also considered beneficial for the future of the company. They are sure that both models’ coexistence (with the battery operated function and internal combustion unit) would strengthen the company’s reputation, name, and solidity – even for the upcoming 10 years ahead.

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Moreover, he also stated that they are very serious about developing the Neue Klasse project. They won’t take shortcuts or cut corners to develop both models. Although they would focus on the electric models, it doesn’t mean that they will forget the internal combustion type, and completely ditch it. It’s not the time just yet.

Another Possible Update

With the BMW 3 Series 2025 being confirmed underway, it also means that the G20 would be around 6 years old when leaving the production. After the refresh work last year, there is a possibility that the model is due for another second round of touchup work. The applied updates may take place in 2024, or even for the 2025 model. Who knows? There is always a chance to do so.

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In case you don’t know it, Beemer wants to launch 6 models in 24 months of period, from 2025 to 2027. The 3 Series SUV and sedan would be the first models, followed by others more. If everything goes planned, the manufacturing process will take place in 2025 (the second half) and it’s done in Debrecen plant, located in Hungary. In 2026, the company will upgrade the plant in Munich, Germany, so it can be used to support the production.

Beemer’s electric models now are around 15% of their share. They plan on having 20% of the new models to be electrified in 2024. In 2025, it should be 25%, and it would be 33% by 2026. There would be Munich IAA Mobility Show in September 2023, and the auto maker will reveal more info about their BMW 3 Series 2025.

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