2025 GMC Sierra 2500: Better Eco-Friendly Features?

Although the process for the upcoming development of 2025 GMC Sierra 2500 has been going, there is very limited and little information known for this (pickup) truck. The company wants to improve the eco-friendly feature of the ride without compromising performance and power. They will have to work extra hard for it, but with the future of electrified vehicles, this is something that they need to address and deal with. What to expect from the heavy duty variant of the truck, anyway?

The Company’s Plan

According to Mark Reuss, the president of General Motors, the auto maker has been trying to lower emission while increasing efficiency for their next generation pickup trucks. They revealed their plan during a GM Investor Event which took place recently. They also plan on having new powertrains that will improve the overall performance, efficiency, and quality with their upcoming lineups. They want to create a new generation of punchy and powerful full size trucks, even having 10% better performance, whether in greenhouse gases reduction or in overall performance.

2025 GMC Sierra 2500
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For the 2025 GMC Sierra 2500, the auto maker wants to update the powertrain offerings, improve the exterior and also interior appearance and quality, and most likely having a new platform to accommodate the entire structure. Details are still scarce, but progress in underway. After all, the company has just focused on the latest 2024 Sierra model year, so it makes sense if they haven’t had the entire details of the 2025 model year.

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Construction and Platform

GM wants to launch the next gen of electrified (Sierra) truck, which means that it’s likely in the future lineup of the company. However, the future Sierra won’t be using the same platform used by Hummer (EV) Pickup or the SUV. Both Hummer models would be constructed on Ultium platform. It means that they would utilize the technology of Ultium drive and Ultium battery. There hasn’t been any information about the new platform being used for the new Sierra, but it should be able to accommodate a pretty big battery pack – if they do want stronger punch and better outcome.

2025 GMC Sierra 2500 At4x
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Keep in mind, though, that this kind of planning is only applicable in North American market. There is always a possibility that different plans would apply in different markets, so keep your minds open to those possibilities.

Powertrain and Performance

The heavy duty lines (the 2500HD and 3500HD) for the 2024 model year have got improved styling, and it happens on both the interior and exterior. Considering that the 2024 model has been refreshed, it may likely that the 2025 model year may still carry some of those elements. Again, it’s most likely being predicted that way, so it’s not a confirmed scheme.

2025 GMC Sierra 2500 At4
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Since the auto maker wants to create something stronger and punchier, they tweak their V8 unit with 6.6 liter capacity, delivering 401 hp and 464 Nm of torque. The new one is paired up with auto 10 speed transmission instead of the old auto 6 speed version. It’s unclear what they do to the 1500 version or whether they will keep the same layout and plan for the 2025 model. But if the powertrain is punchy and powerful enough, they should keep it up.

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Release Date and Price

Since the entire process is still unknown, there is no information about the price range, trim levels, and release date. However, some sources say that the 2025 model may be available at dealerships around fall 2024. Productions will take place in some of the manufacturing plants of Flint Assembly in Flint (Michigan), Fort Wayne (Indiana), and Silao in Mexico. Considering that the 2025 GMC Sierra 2500 would be mostly offered in Mexico, Canada, and US, this would be the most plausible outcome.

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