2025 BMW 8 Series: What Future Does It Have?

What would be the future of 2025 BMW 8 Series? Things haven’t been very well for the 8 Series, which leaves many auto enthusiasts wonder whether the company will still produce the line or not. There have also been rumors concerning the future of the 8 Series; one of which is about the possibility of them being axed. Things have been difficult for the sporty and luxury brand, and the fact that other auto makers have been focusing on electrifying their lineups doesn’t really help. Is it true that there won’t be any 8 Series anymore? Or does Beemer have an entirely different plan with it?

The Updated Plan

According to some (trusted) sources that are close to the Bavarian auto maker, the next gen of 8 Series would still be using a somewhat familiar platform, but with different powertrain. It means that the upcoming model would still be constructed with the CLAR (flexible) platform, which has been used by 8 Series and Z4, and even big SUVs such as the X7. It’s not really surprising that they decide to use the same platform because it would be considered the simplest manufacturing scheme.

2025 BMW 8 Series
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If everything goes as planned, the upcoming 2025 BMW 8 Series would be completely electric. Although there is not much information to take about the next 8 Series, one of them will have similar output as the i4 M50. If that’s the case, you can expect two electric motors delivering 544 hp and 586 Nm of torque. It should be able to cover 60 mph within less than 4 seconds – 3.9 seconds, to be exact. It means that the upcoming 8 Series will have promising feature with impressive handling.

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The Axed Planning?

There have been some flying rumors that the future Cabriolet and Coupe of the 8 Series would be axed, while the company will keep their Gran Coupe, but they will electrify it. There hasn’t been any official confirmation from the auto maker, but people have been talking about how the company wants to stop making combustion units and two door models.

2025 BMW 8 Series Convertible
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According to some sources, the 8 Series have suffered from declining sales numbers because people don’t buy them as they used to. Many of them believe that the 8 Series variants have been too pricey and too much for a Beemer, while those who finally purchased the models are left being disappointed because the models don’t live to their expectations.

2025 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe
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The auto maker has decided that they are going to focus on something that can still generate handsome income because they can’t really invest in products that don’t make money. The company officials may state that the 8 Series would make it into another decade, at least, but the possibility of keeping the 3 trim levels is very slim. In most cases, the Cabrio and Coupe would be dropped, leaving only Gran Coupe to survive and gets electrification technology.

Possibility of New Name

Georg Kacher, a German auto journalist, reported that Beemer plans on downsizing their lineup. Big chances that the 8 Series and 4 Series would be merged within one lineup, and it will result in a new 6 Series. However, with the Cabrio and Coupe being axed from the lineup, there is also a possible alternative where the Gran Coupe would be included in the 7 Series lineup. And with Beemer developing a new EV platform (which they call as Neue Klasse), there are many things to expect from.

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Final Words

It’s difficult to predict or speculate about the upcoming 8 Series with very limited and little info. Once more updates about 2025 BMW 8 Series is available through the official release, we should be able to know (and learn) more.

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