2025 Toyota Supra Release Date & Specs

It seems that there are a lot of things happening for 2025 Toyota Supra. Rumor has it that a new type of Supra, the GRMN, would be offered before the company offers a pure electric vehicle. In fact, the rumor about its availability has been around for many years although there is no official or formal confirmation about it. So, what’s going to happen with the new ride, after all?

The Updated Plan

Toyota had an idea to have a ‘derivative’ model that carries ‘Gazoo Racing Meister of the Nürburgring.’ They definitely haven’t given up their idea and hope to make it happen. It seems that they are going to finally make it come true before 2025. Why it should happen before 2025? Because the company plans on introducing the new (and next) gen of electric Supra which no longer uses combustion unit anymore.

2025 Toyota Supra
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This new GRMN model is designed to be a ‘swan song’ for the company’s fifth model, believing to deliver 543 hp – give or take. Others believe that it may deliver 550 PS. It seems that the company would be inspired from Beemer M series (with its S58 unit) which is running on twin turbo unit with 3.0 liter capacity, able to deliver power as M3 CS and also M4 CSL. Beemer has used the same unit, but able to produce extra 10 hp for the CSL 3.0 liter capacity, while the M2 has a detuned configuration with the similar arrangement of the inline-six unit.

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New Z4 Model?

It’s most likely that Toyota wants to replace their existing Z4-based model Supra with an entirely new model. But then again, the model (and the process) remain a mystery. For a starter, it’s not known where the upcoming new model would be built. The current one is constructed in Graz, in Austria, by Magna Steyr that is also responsible for making the (equivalent) Beemer. This soft top roadster, however, is said to end its production I 2025 and there won’t be any direct successor being designed. At least for now.

2025 Toyota Supra Rumors
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According to some sources, the Supra MK6 will keep the layout for the rear wheel driving system, but oddly enough, they will pair it with midship proportion. The company believes that it can bring a new evolution to the already e-TNGA platform, enabling it to accommodate combustion unit together.

More about the GRMN

It’s been unclear of how the 2025 Toyota Supra GRMN will actually be made or even launched to the public. But there have been rumors about its existence and its production. Many reports have stated that Toyota is seriously working on their battery electric transformation, but it would be released after the GRMN version (with its 405 kW) released in only several years from now. A reliable source from within the company stated that the new Supra would be coming with battery electric powertrain, along with the e-motor located at the rear axle and also a style that is inspired by the midship sports ride.

2025 Toyota Supra 0-60
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Powertrain and Performance

Many have stated that the 6th gen Supra should be introduced in 2025, which goes along with previous rumored reports. There haven’t been any claims about the performance or output, but the peak power is suspected to be set between 330 kW and 368 kW. This is definitely higher than the current Supra, producing 285 kW from its straight six turbocharged unit with 3.0 liter capacity. The new EV sports ride may come with a code of A100 Supra.

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Before the EV ride debuts, the GRMN should be released first. It means that it’s unclear which one would be the 2025 model, whether it’s the A100 or the GRMN, or even both. The GRMN, nevertheless, has been long waited, and this popular coupe would be coming with promised performance, just like the one you can expect from M4 CSL. We should know more about the 2025 Toyota Supra model year once more information can be confirmed.

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