2024 BMW M2 New Design that Creates Controversy

When there were several leaked images of 2024 BMW M2 spiraling on the internet, different people have different opinions. Some agree with the new styling of the M2, while some don’t really like it that much. Some believe that Beemer has made another ‘ugly’ vehicle, but the others have different opinions. They congratulate the company for making a perfect ride that stays true to the sport coupe style, resulting in not only sporty design, but also sporty performance. In short, the new M2 is basically the shorter version of M4.

The Updated Plan

Beemer may be known for its elegant design, especially in a classic sense. However, the new 2024 BMW M2 is far from being elegantly classic. For some people, the rear and front fascias are somewhat overstyled, but in a sense of factory sport-coupe model, this vehicle definitely hits home. M2 has this muscular and short style, paired with boxy fender flares that may remind you of E30 M3. If you want to know how the smallest variant of the M car should look like, you are looking at the design. Basically, the new car is going back to its sportscar style, with powertrains inspired by the M4 as well as M3.

2024 BMW M2
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The New Design

This vehicle is referred to as the smallest and yet full fat M type that is proven to deliver satisfying outcome. The silhouette is somewhat good looking, looking perfectly matched with the long and flat bonnet. And with the sloping roofline and (steeply) raked windscreen, it looks similar to the standard coupe of M240i. But if you go closer, you will see that the new M2 has carbon fiber lid.

2024 BMW M2 Colors
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The front bumper comes with gaping intakes that cut into the design, so cold air can reach into the brakes and engine. On the side, thicker side skirts can be seen with 19 inches of wheel exclusive alloy on the front, while the back sports 20 inches. You can also expect new bumper having a contrast black diffuser and also new exhaust tips. The design are round instead of trapezium.

Powertrain and Performance

The new BMW M2 would be running on straight six twin turbocharged unit with 3.0 liter capacity, inspired by the M4. This powertrain generates 460 hp and 550 Nm of torque. The M2 gets auto 8-speed gearbox, but there is also a manual 6-speed transmission for an extra option. The manual 6-speed gearbox can reach 60 mph within 4.3 seconds, while the auto 8-speed transmission can reach 60 mph within 4.1 seconds.

2024 BMW M2 Price
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Q and A

Q: What is the launch plan for the M2?

A: If everything goes smoothly, the vehicle should launch in May 2023 in the UK. For now, it’s still unknown about the launch plan in other markets, especially in North America

Q: How much would the new M2 cost?

A: It’s predicted that the price may start from £61,500, which means that it is £900 costlier than Mercy A45 S.

Those are the things we know so far about the M2. Hopefully we will hear more about 2024 BMW M2 once more updates are available.

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