2025 Toyota Sequoia and the Uncertainty of the Future Model

It’s difficult to talk about the 2025 Toyota Sequoia because the company is still focusing on developing their 2024 model. The variant got a completely redesigned touch-up for their 2023 model year. Because of the extensive work they did, the 2024 model year would likely come as a carryover model. Is it true that the 2025 model would get some light refreshment? Is it also true that the 2025 model would be offered as a completely different new generation? We should get more updates of the development.

The Previewed Model

The Sequoia has been known as a big SUV with tough performance and solid quality. The 2024 model year is expected to come as a carryover type because it already got a full redesigned work for its 2023 model. As Toyota was focusing seriously on their Tundra (pickup) truck, they also shared the same redesigned work with the Sequoia.

2025 Toyota Sequoia
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Considering that the Sequoia would be a carryover model, expect the upcoming model to remain the same. Although rumor has it that the new Sequoia may be coming as a next gen model in 2025, there hasn’t been any confirmation about it. It also means that you can only expect a rugged design having a huge grille, tall hood line, big front bumper, and also chunky headlights for the main structure. If you take a look at the Sequoia from the side, it has somewhat a boxy design complete with rugged body cladding and also big fenders. The rear end is upright, featuring hefty rear bumper and rectangular taillights.

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The Possible Interior Cabin

The current Sequoia has tons of similarities to the Tundra with its truck-like style and design. You can expect the same design language for the 2025 Toyota Sequoia, especially if there is no change to the ‘next gen rumor’. Expect to find big trim pieces, easy to adjust and use controls, and also chunky air vents. It’s difficult to imagine that Sequoia would ditch its truck based roots, so you can also expect the expansive dashboard, big gear shifter, and also hefty steering wheel.

2025 Toyota Sequoia Price
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The cabin may be family friendly or luxurious, depending on the trim level of your choice. Considering that the 2024 model would keep the same interior appearance and design (with the current on-sale model), it’s safe to assume that the same plan would also apply to the 2025 model.

Powertrain and Performance

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact information about the powertrain, but if we take the 2024 model as inspiration, the 2025 model would be coming with V6 twin-turbo unit with 3.5 liter capacity, paired up with one electric motor. It suggests a hybrid power. The output is expected to reach 437 hp and 583 Nm of torque, which is matched up with rear wheel driving system as the standard and auto 10 speed transmission. Four wheel driving system is also offered as the optional pick.

2025 Toyota Sequoia Trd Pro
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Release Date and Price

Sequoia for the 2024 model is scheduled to start production in summer 2024, and fall period would be the launch time for dealerships. If there would be a 2025 model, it is predicted to happen in around 2024. However, rumor has it that Toyota would launch the 2026 model Sequoia as the electric ride. There is a possibility that Toyota may produce the 2025 model for the last time as the internal combustion engine as well as hybrid model before focusing on a completely electric model starting in 2026.

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If there is no change, the price for 2024 model Sequoia should start from around $60,000. Toyota should be serious about developing the big SUV as it has to compete against other strong models, such as GMC Yukon, Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, and Jeep Wagoneer. We should know more about the future of Sequoia, especially about the 2025 Toyota Sequoia, after the company releases official confirmation and updates.

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