2025 Toyota RAV4 Release Date, Price and Specs

What’s in store for 2025 Toyota RAV4? The current Prime PHEV RAV4 may have several issues and problems on its own, but the vehicle still becomes one of the most popular (and somewhat wanted) rides for buyers. In Canada alone, RAV4 managed to be the best selling SUV in 2022. Debuted in 2019, this current fifth gen of the compact SUV remains on the top sales spot in several markets around the globe. It’s quite logical if the 2025 model has been expected by many auto enthusiasts.

The Updated Plan

The next gen would be designed as the 6th, introduced before the 2024 ends or at the beginning of 2024. It’s expected that it would take place at least 2 years from today. There are several sources that claim that they have seen the lists for Prime and the hybrid, and the list itself is pretty impressive. Many have expected to see the new RAV4 coming to production.

2025 Toyota RAV4
Source : Mavink.com

But rumor has it that there has been some supply issues. The 2023 RAV4, for instance, is limited in supply. The company claims that they remain producing within as steady speed and numbers, but then they have part supply problems, which may affect their ability to meet the buyers’ demands. There is a possibility that some buyers may not be able to get their hands on the 2025 Toyota RAV4.

Design and Style

Details about the new 2025 Toyota RAV4 are very limited, but many have predicted (and hopeful) that the new RAV would be coming with new bodywork over the revised underpinnings or the carry-over. This isn’t exactly a surprise, considering that today’s RAV4 has been sold for new architecture or new platform. Having a refreshed look is certainly an advantage on Toyota’s side.

2025 Toyota RAV4 Redesign
Source : Ozoneloverz.com

Besides the exterior updates, there would also be updates within the interior cabin. Expect to find bigger instrument and also infotainment display screens, along with new software and also (connected car) smartphone features. It’s even possible that the new model would be coming with bigger display screen so that it can go in competition with other rivals, including Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Tucson), and also Kia (Sportage).

Powertrain and Performance

Some sources mention that the upcoming RAV4 would be offered in hybrid powertrain only because the auto manufacturer is thinking about ditching the petrol only model. It’s the same powertrain plan as the Sequoia.

In Australia alone, the RAV4 hybrid sales go for more than 75% with 9 models (out of 13) come in hybrids model. That’s why it’s predicted that the next gen is likely coming with double numbers, with the petrol-electric tech. Some sources even claim that the next RAV4 versions (in US market, mind you) would likely come with hybrid power which is set as the standard. And there is also a possibility that they may no longer use the petrol unit with 2.5 liter capacity anymore. However, this news hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

2025 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Source : Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

In the North American market alone, the newest four wheel drive Sequoia has been offered in hybrid only powertrain. In case you don’t know it, the Sequoia is the SUV version of the full size Tundra pickup truck. It’s also the ‘twin’ version of the LandCruiser 300 series for Australian market.

Price and Release Date

Up until now, there is very limited information about the RAV4, including the platform, powertrain, and also release date and price. The only available information comes from other markets beside the North American market. According to Australian market, for instance, the next gen RAV4 would be due within two years from now.

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Toyota will provide the update soon, but it’s still months away. While waiting, we are kept in the dark, until we learn more about the 2025 Toyota RAV4.

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