What Will the 2025 GMC Terrain Look Like?

The latest development of the 2025 GMC Terrain is designed to make the crossover stay solid and strong. After all, the segment for this category seems to be quite competitive, and the company wants to make sure that the Terrain can still deliver (decent) sales numbers. This is one of the many reasons why there have been talks about the redesigned project, which should take place soon enough. And that’s the case with 2025 model Terrain.

The Updated Plan

The last reports have indicated that the 2025 model would get a redesigned work, leaving the 2024 model to stay in the progress just as it is. Rumor has it that the 2024 Terrain will be designed as a carryover vehicle without having any tweaks or important transformations. So, expect the 2024 model to come with familiar features, specs, and also design. The new design should be happening to the 2025 model, so if you want to get a completely new model of 2025, you should wait for the 2025 model. But if you prefer the current model, the 2024 can be a good option.

2025 GMC Terrain Redesign
Source : Gmauthority.com

If everything goes as planned, the new Terrain won’t go through the same path as Chevrolet Equinox. The compact crossover Equinox would be designed in a full electric mode, while the upcoming Terrain will undergo not only a complete different look, but also a different powertrain path. It’s even possible that the new 2025 Terrain would be coming as a smaller SUV (not too much, but quite a little) with much boxier look and shorter wheelbase.

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2025 GMC Terrain Ev
Source : Gmauthority.com

Many auto enthusiasts assume that GM wants to ‘offer’ a rival to the Bronco Sport (from Ford). If that’s the case, then it’s more likely that the Terrain would be designed as a unibody crossover having improved offroad ability and performance. The design would be more rugged, with better and upgraded suspension and having different offroad features. There have been some rendering images of the Terrain, showing off boxy fenders, bolder front face, and other aesthetic elements that belong to the characteristics of an offroad vehicle.

Powertrain and Performance

There hasn’t been any information about the 2025 GMC Terrain. Some people speculate whether the powertrain would be designed as a carryover type or whether the company would do something really different (and new) about it.

2025 GMC Terrain
Source : Carscoops.com

The current model is running on turbo four unit with 1.5 liter capacity, delivering 175 hp. However, if the 2025 Terrain would be created with such a layout, it wouldn’t be enough to deliver punchy performance. It would still feel slow and underpowered, even when it’s paired up with auto 9 speed transmission and all wheel (and also front wheel) driving system. The vehicle has an average fuel economy system of 24 mpg for the city and 29 mpg for the highway, which is decent enough. It’s not too great, but it’s not too bad either.

Final Conclusion

The Terrain has always been known as a comfy ride with spacious interior cabin and responsive infotainment system. But it’s also known for its underpowered engine and a relatively high (starting) price. If the company wants to make the Terrain a better (and more promising salable) vehicle, they need to work on it.

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They can always tweak the exterior look of the ride, adding up some appealing touches. Having changed the entire design can also be a good option. But they also need to think about the interior cabin; how they can elevate the comfort and ambiance, boosting the premium quality and material. It would also be great if they can do something with the engine (and its layout). Only by doing so, they can improve the better quality of 2025 GMC Terrain.

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