2025 GMC Sierra and the Upcoming Models’ Production

GMC Sierra has existed for decades, so it’s interesting to learn more about the possibility of new improvements and updates for the 2025 GMC Sierra. The nameplate has existed from the 60s, so it speak volumes about its performance, quality, and also reliability. In order to avoid boredom and ‘blah’ effect, the auto maker needs to keep doing new innovations and updates. That’s why it’s exciting to learn what the company has in store for their upcoming Sierra.

About the New Sierra

The new 2025 model is designed to be the ‘opening gate’ for the next gen of full size pickup ride. You can expect the similar big dimension and hefty proportions, but you should also expect new powertrains. There would be two body styles being made: the heavy duty type and the light duty one. It would use the longitudinal front engine layout with rear and four wheel driving system.

2025 GMC Sierra Redesign
2025 GMC Sierra Redesign

The new Sierra is scheduled to be manufactured in two of GM’s manufacturing plants in the US. The Flint Assembly plant in Michigan and Fort Wayne Assembly plant in Indiana would be responsible for making the pickup truck. The truck is designed to launch in at least three different auto markets of Mexico, Canada, and the US.

The Company’s Plan

Mark Reuss, GMC President, made a statement during their one of a kind GM Investor Event. He stated that the auto maker’s efforts to reduce emissions and boost efficiency has started even a few years back. For their future lineups and future productions, their pickup trucks should be ready with the wanted demands from their customers.

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2025 GMC Sierra Changes
2025 GMC Sierra Changes

According to Reuss, the new 2025 GMC Sierra would be coming with new powertrains that can provide better efficiency and great improvements. The final performance, naturally, will also increase. According to him, their upcoming portfolio engine update for their full size vehicles should be able to provide 10% reduction related to greenhouse gasses, which means that the future lineups would be eco-friendlier when compared to the current model.

Other Possible Updates

The new powertrain isn’t the only new updates available for the 2025 model. As it was mentioned before, there is a possibility of new interior as well as the exterior. Even the platform would be also new!

However, you should know that the next generation of Sierra won’t be sharing similar platform as Hummer EV Pickup and SUV. These two use Ultium Platform, meaning that they utilize Ultium driving technology as well as battery technology. The platform for the Sierra, on the other hand, would be completely different, but very limited info is available. Up to this point, it remains unknown for what platform the Sierra would be using. You should also remember that the specs and features we are discussing here are only applicable to the model launched in the US market. The specs and features in other markets may be different.

2025 GMC Sierra
2025 GMC Sierra

For the upcoming 2025 model, it’s even possible that GM would add another plant for the production of Sierra. It seems that they are thinking about using their Silao plant in Mexico to expand their capacity to manufacture Sierra.

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What about EV model? We are always talking about Sierra EV and the possible electrification future. But then again, there is no clear evidence about the production. And GM hasn’t mentioned anything about their EV future’s plan and schedules.

The Interior Cabin

You can expect plush and comfortable cabin for the new Sierra. One of them is the horizontal display screen with 16.8 inch of size that is meant to improve the dashboard function. Improved materials, high end features, and better atmosphere should be expected from this truck. We still don’t know much about the new 2025 GMC Sierra, so the best thing to do is to wait for further confirmation.

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