2024 GMC Acadia Coming as a Bigger Ride

If you have been dreaming of a bigger Acadia, then be ready for 2024 GMC Acadia. This model is now being prepared for the upcoming production, and it would get a pretty significant transformation in terms of size. And instead of a midlife refreshment, the vehicle would be likely getting a full redesign. So, if you have always wanted a full size vehicle with solid performance and impressive quality, read on. Who knows? You may like the overall features and specs of the ride.

The Updated Plan

It’s true that the company hasn’t released the official specs and redesign information about this ride, but it’s a definite thing that the next gen SUV would grow in size. According to Mark Reuss, the General Motors President, the upcoming Acadia would be larger than the previous (and old) Acadia.

In August 2020, there had been a rumor about new Acadia growing in both interior and exterior dimensions. And it seems that the (new) third gen Acadia would be coming as a full size instead of the midsize SUV (which is the current second gen Acadia is about). In case you don’t know it, the first gen Acadia which was released in 2007 came as the full size crossover with three rows arrangement. But then, when the second gen Acadia was released, GM seemed to downside the overall size to a midsize model.

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2024 GMC Acadia
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If the third Acadia is truly growing in size, it means that the bigger dimension would be back to the nameplate, bringing this SUV back to its roots. Aside from launching the Acadia within a new segment and with a new dimension, this third gen Acadia would be coming with new interior and also new style. Changes may also happen under the hood and the overall construction. According to some sources, the new crossover would be constructed with C1-2 construction, which is the modified version of C1 platform (from GM). Aside from this new layout and construction, it’s possible that it would be offering Super Cruise, which is the semi autonomous (driver assist) technology from General Motors.

Design and Construction

It’s unclear of how big the 2024 GMC Acadia would be. Just so you know, the current Acadia is almost one foot longer than the (smaller) GMC Terrain. Terrain is 182.3 inches and able to accommodate 5 people, while the Acadia is 193.4 inches and able to accommodate 7 people. As if it weren’t enough, the cargo space in Acadia is definitely bigger, with 79 cubic feet when compared to Terrain’s 63.3 cubic feet. You can only imagine how big the new Acadia would be if the current model only has several inches before reaching 200 inches.

2024 GMC Acadia Release Date
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The C1-2 itself is basically the C1 platform that has been modified by GM. The C1 platform has been currently used by Chevrolet Traverse, Caddy XT6, and Buick Enclave. We can only wait for further updates and possible greatness of the new platform.

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Powertrain and Performance

The current model is running on turbo four cylinder unit for the base trim levels. For higher levels, such as Denali or the SLT, there is an optional V6 unit. There is a possibility that GM may tweak this powertrain because the latest fuel economy and the absence of (standard) adaptive cruise control was quite disappointing.

2024 GMC Acadia Redesign
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Release Date and Price

Although the debut of Acadia is expected to come in 2024, the lack of information and official details has made many auto enthusiasts believe that it may come as the 2025 model. There is no information about the price range either, but the current Acadia begins from $38,200 so you can predict the price range. With bigger Acadia, there is big chance that the price range of 2024 GMC Acadia would increase.

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