What the Possible 2024 Nissan Titan Would Look Like

Will there be a 2024 Nissan Titan? There have been rumors about Nissan discontinuing their Titan lineup for the upcoming models, so it’s quite normal when people are wondering will there be a 2024 model in preparation. If it IS coming as the 2024 model, then it would likely be a carryover model which means that there won’t be any change to it.

The Exterior Appearance

As it was mentioned before, if the 2024 Nissan Titan still exists, it means that you shouldn’t expect grandeur or extravagant changes on the exterior area. It’s safe to say that the design would likely remain the same as the current model. The current Titan comes with bold front end, complete with hefty front bumper, small square headlights, and big grille. It has a boxy silhouette that somewhat matches other big trucks within the same category. The rear ends comes with somewhat neat read tailgate and also small taillights.

2024 Nissan Titan
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The Interior Cabin

There is nothing fancy about the interior of the current Titan and it seems to be just the same way for the upcoming future. It comes with simple dashboard with blocky lines and solid air vents. The center console is somewhat extended, packed with different dials and buttons, which are unfortunately looking worn and old.

2024 Nissan Titan Warrior
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The majority of the lineup would be coming with low quality materials and plentiful of plastics although the higher trim levels would be coming with upscale and better materials. When compared to its rivals, the Titan definitely looks outdated and unappealing. The interior space is limited and less, which is just too bad for such a solid big truck.

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Techs and features play a crucial role in Titan’s lineup. The current model is coming with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, 8.0 inch touchscreen display, 7.0 inch digital instrument, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and 6 audio speakers. Higher trims are likely coming with voice recognition technology, 12-speaker (Fender) audio system, navigation, and also 9.0 inch display.

Powertrain and Performance

As a carryover model, there is high chance that the powertrain would also be similar to the previous model. Titan is one of the few names that offers V8 unit with 5.6 liter capacity as the standard. With 400 hp output and auto 9 speed transmission, it has a punchy performance. It offers rear wheel driving system as the standard, while also offering four wheel driving system as optional pick. The towing ability can reach up 9,320 pounds.

2024 Nissan Titan Pro 4x
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Titan is also packed with advanced safety features as the standard, including blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, auto emergency brake, parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning, and also auto high beam assist. Hopefully, these are still offered as the standard features for the 2024 model. There is a possibility that higher trim levels may include surround view parking camera, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition.

Release Date and Price

The Titan would experience a pretty tough competition as many American brand names dominate this class (the big pickup category), such as GMC Sierra 1500, Chevy Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, and RAM 1500.

We don’t exactly know when the new Titan would debut or how much the price range would be. However, Nissan has this tendency to launch their Titan at the beginning period of the year, so there is highly chance that the 2024 Titan would be coming at the early 2024. If the truck doesn’t get any significant update, the prices may stay the same – or at least, it won’t go far from the current ranges. The current one starts from around $41,500 up to $60,500 with destination. We should know more about 2024 Nissan Titan once the company is ready to provide more details.

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