2024 Ford Fusion Coming with Different Model

The 2024 Ford Fusion is said to be returning to the auto industry, but coming as a crossover and be offered in the global markets. The Fusion was discontinued last summer in 2021, but it seems that the company wants to retain the nameplate. They have already set everything in motion because we saw the early prototype back then in October 2021.

The Updated Plan

The upcoming Fusion would be called Mondeo Activ in Chinese and European markets (designed to replace the Mondeo sedan), while it would be called Fusion Activ in North America. It’s likely that the new Fusion would be using the C2 platform, which has been utilized for Ford Bronco Sport, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Escape, Ford Focus, and also the future Ford Maverick.

2024 Ford Fusion Active
Source : Autoreview.ru

The Prototype

For the upcoming 2024 model, it seems that the Fusion is designed to be a (high riding) wagon with similar look like Outback Subaru instead of a crossover (with SUV-like influence). The vehicle seems to still retain the sedan-look appearance despite the hatchback design going down on the back and also the taller greenhouse. The design on the back is meant that way to allow more space for the cargo. Unfortunately, the prototype vehicle was covered heavily, making it quite difficult to find the extra details. However, there have been several spy shots available, showing off the front grille that somewhat looks similar to the one sporting by the Edge.

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Design and Layout

Even under the heavy camo, it’s pretty clear that the Fusion comes with sporty hatchback style. After all, the vehicle seems to be designed to compete against the Subaru Outback. But the company has several considerations about their design department. Considering that crossovers and SUVs are increasing in popularity, they want to switch the nameplate to a crossover model while still trying to retain the basic sedan-like style. Thus, the new Fusion is the result.

2024 Ford Fusion SE
Source : Autoevolution.com

Powertrain and Performance

The 2024 Ford Fusion is said to be running on turbocharged inline four unit with 2.0 liter capacity that also comes together with auto 8 speed transmission. Further release hasn’t disclosed anything about this powertrain arrangement, but many have predicted that it should be coming with four cylinder as well as 6 cylinder options.

2024 Ford Fusion
Source : Motor1.com

What about hybrid power? It’s possible. After all, we can’t really ‘escape’ electrification. Expect the Fusion to also offer hybrid version although the details aren’t really clear and we can’t really be sure when it’s exactly going to be available.

Q and A

Q: What is the expected (or predicted) price range for the upcoming Fusion?

A: The predicted price would be set between $31,000 and $41,000 depending on the trim levels.

Q: Was the Fusion also a crossover before being discontinued?

A: No, the Fusion was created as a sedan, just like the still existing Mondeo sedan in global market.

Q: When can we expect to find Fusion ready at dealerships?

A: There hasn’t been any information about this, but it should be ready sometime in 2023 although we still need to wait for the company to release official confirmation concerning their 2024 Ford Fusion.

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