2024 Ford F-250: What’s Happening to the Super Duty Truck?

Although there is no official confirmation about the future of 2024 Ford F-250, loyal fans and enthusiasts can enjoy the digital rendering images on the special channel on YouTube. It should be exciting to see what the Blue Oval has in store when it comes to their pickup trucks (the heavy duty ones), along with the powertrain options. Enjoying the virtual digital images of the Super Duty variants is definitely fun to do, especially if you can imagine what they would look like when their release date is due.

The Possible Updates

Ford doesn’t seem to be completely closed-off about their upcoming Super Duty pickup truck lines. There have been images of the possibly XLT trim (of the SuperCab model) caught in the spyshot images. Rumor has it that the F-Series (Super Duty) family doesn’t only come with bigger design and larger dimensions, but they would also be more luxurious and exclusive.

2024 Ford F-250 Crew Cab
Source : Wallpapercave.com

Again, there is no official confirmation and acknowledgment that the vehicle caught in the spyshot session would be the 2024 Ford F-250, but the fact that it’s a pretty long truck (22 feet in length) speaks volumes of everything. With the longer and bigger truck design, and then covered in a camouflage, the truck looks different. It stands out among the others.

Interestingly, the company doesn’t seem to bother hiding all of the parts that would get the updates and changes. The grille design, for instance, is different from the previous design of the XLT, but the lights still remain with the big running lamps’ brackets (the C-shape basis). The grille is surrounded by black paint, but since it is peeling, it shows that it’s actually chrome.

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2024 Ford F-250 Colors
Source : Edmunds.com

King Ranch Model

One of the most popular F-250 Super Duty variants would be the King Ranch. It may not be the highest trim within the variant. It may not be on the top of the chart either, but this is definitely one of the luxurious type. The wheels are covered in black paint, and it seems that it hides more chrome accent. It’s hard to say whether the King Ranch would be included in the F-250 or even F-350 models because different people have different opinions about them, but if you want something big and punchy and solid, you should consider the Super Duty variant.

What Changes to Expect?

What’s the new F-250 would look like? Again, we really don’t know because the company doesn’t say much about it. Some of the flying rumors, however, state that you should expect bigger changes, and they would likely happening inside the cabin. Since the F-150 is getting some redesigned work, it’s possible that it will get big center console with touchscreen capability. This center console is designed to improve convenience and comfort during driving, considering that it would accommodate tons of tactile controls.

2024 Ford F-250
Source : Guideautoweb.com

The screen itself would be 12 inches in size, and it’s possibly coming as new digital display. Expect technology improvements and features, although it’s unclear whether it would include BlueCruise system with its hands-free mechanism.

Powertrain and Performance

One of the biggest perks of the new F-250 would be the various powertrain options. It’s likely that the truck would still come with diesel or gas power, paired with auto 10 speed transmission. Another option, the V8 diesel turbo unit with 6.7 liter capacity, may get some extra improvement in speed and power so the truck would be able to compete against other strong and big trucks, like RAM and Chevrolet.

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Price and Release Date

Since there is no clear information about the technicalities and details of production, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact production timeline. Once further information about the release date and price of the 2024 Ford F-250 has been known, you will hear the updates soon enough.

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