Is 2024 Honda Element Going Back to Business?

The 2024 Honda Element is said to be back into the business. The Element was one of the best lineup of Honda that stopped producing for more than 15 years. It seems that Honda is thinking about bringing back the SUV back into the platform by modernizing it. Rumor has it that the new Element would undergo a significant redesigned work to improve its look and to boost its performance. The SUV may retain its small dimension and size, but with better powertrain and newer style, it should be able to attract younger buyer market. Not to mention that the SUV would be handy enough for moving around, camping, and also carrying cargo.

Design and Style

In terms of style, the Element may likely keep its boxy design, but with more modern and functional cabin. Despite its category as a small SUV, the cabin has just enough room and space for 5 adult people within its 2 row layout. Naturally, you can expect better and higher quality upholstery, materials, and also more modern features and technologies.

2024 Honda Element
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What about hybrid version? Honda doesn’t say anything about the hybrid version. However, HR-V for Japanese market gets a hybrid version, which means that the new Element will likely get the same treatment. Most auto enthusiasts and experts predict that the Element would be able to cover 35 mpg on electric power alone.

Exterior Appearance

According to may auto enthusiasts, it’s possible that Honda Passport and Pilot would be ‘lending’ some of their design cues, which would be visible from the new grille, new front fascia, and also the lighting system. The details about the exterior elements are still unrevealed until now, but it would be exciting. Some of the popular colors will be offered, along with new updates.

2024 Honda Element Concept
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The Interior Cabin

The space in this 2024 Honda Element would be roomy and generous. Expect a completely new and reshaped dashboard, coming together with 8 inch of infotainment touchscreen. It is also designed as a pet friendly vehicle although Honda hasn’t provided the description about this feature.

2024 Honda Element Dimensions
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Powertrain and Performance

The Element is predicted to come with turbo four unit with 1.5 liter capacity, delivering 191 hp. It also comes with CVT transmission for smoother performance than auto gearbox. However, it’s also possible that the new Element would be coming with four cylinder unit with 2.0 liter capacity, able to deliver 212 hp and better fuel economy.

Q and A

Q: Has it been confirmed that the new Element would be made into production?

A: Unfortunately, no. up until now, Honda hasn’t made any official confirmation about the existence of the Element.

Q: Does it mean that we still don’t know the price range for the new Element?

A: Yes, there is no information about it although many sources predict that it would be higher than $20,000 for the starting price

Q: What the Element would look like?

A: Although it would be retaining its classic boxy design, it’s also possible that some of the designing (and styling) elements would be shared among Pilot and Passport. The information about the new Element is still limited, so the best way is to wait for the company to finally provide more info about 2024 Honda Element.

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