2024 Dodge Avenger and the Revival Rumor

There have been several rumors about 2024 Dodge Avenger coming back to the industry. The midsize sedan is said to be better, bigger, and more attractive in terms of appearance and looks. The Avenger itself has been discontinued, but with Stellantis focusing on their Dodge (and its variants), it’s quite logical to expect the Avenger to be back again. Moreover, Dodge wants to strengthen its sedan lineups, just like what happens to the SUVs and crossovers, so it’s quite normal to be expectant of the new sedan.

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The Updated Plan

There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the Avenger, but the virtual rendering images have been available on the net. As it was mentioned before, Dodge’s parent company, the Stellantis has been implementing new strategies and plans. And for now, they are focusing heavily on Dodge. After their plan to delay the launch of ICE-powered Charger and Challenger, and replace them with new 7 models, they need to come up with another option.

2024 Dodge Avenger
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However, the plan only applies to the passenger vehicles. For the family vehicles (such as crossovers or SUVs), they have been preparing the 2023 Durango SRT Hellcat as well as the 2023 Hornet. They call it the gateway to Dodge’s power and muscles. As if it weren’t enough, they still have the Charger Daytona SRT (concept) and also the electrified versions of the Charger and Challenger. And with Charger EV going back to the business, what would be the company’s future two door models?

2024 Dodge Avenger Changes
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So, this is the time when a virtual artist Kleber Silva combined the look of Tonale and Hornet together, in the event that the four door Charger doesn’t have its spot anymore. With Dodge Hornet style combined together with the sedan DNA of Giulia (from Alfa Romeo), the result isn’t bad after all. But then again, it’s a fan work and not officially made by the company, so they don’t say a word about it.Design and Style

From the design, the 2024 Dodge Avenger has promising styling cues. And when you pair it up with punchy engine, fresh design, and new features, the new Avenger can be super impressive. The body is aerodynamics and sleek with strong engine. And when you can have it with spacious interior cabin, and also the latest technologies, you get yourself a marvelous ride.

2024 Dodge Avenger Concept
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There is no information about the powertrain and the overall performance up until now, but it’s Dodge, so it shouldn’t be disappointing. And if the Avenger is truly being revived, its abilities should match the Challenger and Charger, respectively.

Q and A

Q: How much is the new Avenger?

A: There is no information about the price, considering that the company hasn’t even provided the details of their development.

Q: Does it mean that the Avenger is going to be made?

A: Again, it’s unclear because they haven’t said anything about it. But if they are going to release it for the 2024 model, expect it to be available sometime in 2023. Considering that the information about 2024 Dodge Avenger is very limited, we need to wait for the company’s official release.

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