2024 Honda Civic Type R Future Design Inspired from Accord

Will Honda be introducing their 2024 Honda Civic Type R as their future lineup? Within the next few months, expect Honda to introduce their 11th gen Accord. And considering their introduction recently to their 2023 Type R Civic, it’s quite logical if auto enthusiasts begin wondering whether it means that the company is going to ‘lend’ their impressive powertrain to the bigger model of Accord Type R.

About the Accord

The current Accord is within its 10th gen, first introduced in 2017. With the upcoming new 2024 model, it seems pretty new and early, considering there had been chip shortage issue and the pandemics. For several years, car industry weren’t interesting or lucrative. But Honda has decided to move forward. The Accord’s prototypes have been seen, and there is a seemingly a final model still covered in heavy camouflage.

2024 Honda Civic Type R
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The Rendering Images

It’s a good thing that some rendering images of the vehicle have given us a pretty clear idea of how the future Accord Type R would look like. With the rendering technology, we can finally ‘remove’ the camo. And it seems that new Civic’s styling language can also be found in Accord’s design.

Appearance and Look

It seems that the new look of 2024 Honda Civic Type R would be evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Aside from the elegant and somewhat classic style, the images have added the elements taken from Type R Civic to the mixture. You can see the obvious designs and styles from the side skirts, front apron and grille, the wheels, the hood, and also the rear wing. In the meanwhile, the outgoing Accord has already run on Type R engine, but it’s not entirely similar to the ‘original’ system.

2024 Honda Civic Type R Price
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Powertrain and Performance

In case you don’t know it, Type R Accord was offered only in European and Japanese markets, but never in North American market. When the vehicle was manufactured again, the Accord’s powertrain would be inspired from Civic Type R. It is a four cylinder turbo VTEC unit with 2.0 liter capacity. The unit has undergone a detuned outcome, from 306 hp to ‘only’ 252 hp, it was still considered punchy. It was still considered powerful enough, thanks to the nice driving dynamics. It was also proven by a drag race test against Hyundai Elantra N 2022.

2024 Honda Civic Type R Updates
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Although now Honda hasn’t provided any information about the 2024 model’s power and outcome, sources say that the output would increase up to 325 hp. This is considered a suitable power for a midsize sedan.

The Real Deal

However, let’s not forget that sedan isn’t actually a favorable vehicle these days, even when it is designed as a performance sedan. Subaru has ditched their STI version for the WRX lineup while Mitsubishi has stopped making the Evo. There is a very slim chance that Accord Type R 2024 will actually be made into the real thing. However, a fictional competitor has been made virtually for Honda. It would be Toyota Camry GR, featuring Lotus V6.

Q and A

Q: Is it possible for a hybrid version?

A: It’s likely although the actually detail hasn’t been made

Q: What is Honda planning for the close future?

A: Honda is said to prepare a pure electric Accord for Chinese market. Let’s wait for further updates for 2024 Honda Civic Type R

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