How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord 2008: Managing the Reset without Fuss

Knowing how to rest oil life on Honda Accord 2008 can be a useful knowledge on your part, especially if you are planning on doing things on your own instead of hiring a professional service to do it. Many car owners don’t really understand how their machine works. So it’s not really an odd thing if many car owners don’t really know what to do with such a thing. So, if you want to know how to manage them all, read on.

How to Reset the Oil Life

Just follow these steps on how to rest oil life on Honda Accord 2008 and you should be good to go.

  • Turn the key to the accessories position, but you shouldn’t START the car. Just one position before the start position
  • Look at your instrument cluster. That’s where you can see the display for your car’s oil life. Find the odometer trip button, which is usually located on the right hand area.
  • Press the button until you can see the oil life info (typically on the display’s bottom side) being displayed there
  • Press the button and hold it off for around 10 seconds. Or do it until the oil life begins to blip or blink
  • You can now release the button. Press it again right away and hold it for another 5 seconds
  • By now, you should see that your oil life would return to 100%
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As you can see, this method only takes a minute – even less. By resetting the oil life information to 100%, you would know when you should get an oil change.

Reasons to Have It Done

Why knowing how to rest oil life on Honda Accord 2008 is such a huge deal for most car owners? As you are well aware of, changing the engine oil is one of the most crucial parts of car care and maintenance. You can’t ignore this or take it for granted because it’s related to your car’s well-being and condition.

Honda Accord 2008 Oil Type
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You should know that engine oil may be worn out even before it is running out. This is one of the reasons why you should pay attention to your Accord’s oil life indicator. Most people think that oil life indicator simply measures how much oil you have within the tank. It’s not about that. The indicator refers to the ability of the OIL to lubricate your engine properly. Unfortunately, the ability would diminish once it is filled with contaminants and dirt. If this happens, the oil won’t be able to do its job properly; which is to lubricate the engine.

Whenever you have had the oil change, or maybe if you have a brand new car, the (engine) oil would be fresh. It’s normal when the indicator would show 100%. But starting from this, dirt would start to accumulate, even during normal drive on a daily basis. When it happens, you will see the declining percentage.

How Oil Life Indicator Works

This is a common mistake: When the indicator shows 20%, most people believe that they are 20% away from being run out of oil. However, the real meaning is that you are quickly approaching the TIME when (oil) change would be needed. For extra precaution, you may see a yellow icon of a wrench when the indicator has reached 15% limit. Don’t worry too much. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be safe when driving the car. It only means that you have such degraded oil that you would immediately need an oil change in order to prevent engine damage or breakage. This would be the perfect time to plan out a service visit.

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Accord 2008
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If the indicator is less than 10% (in some points it may reach 5%), it means that your oil has become so dirty. You will have to change it right away before the percentage even drops lower. Naturally, when it has reached 0%, it means that you are missing the time where proper service is crucial. Not only that; it also shows that your remaining oil is highly likely more damaging than doing goods. It would do more harm than do good.

Honda Accord 2008 Radio Code
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If you think that the indicator is a magical stuff, it’s really not. It’s back to technology. Your car has this onboard computer system that would tracks your actions continuously, like driving conditions (on a daily basis) like ambient outdoor temperature, engine, speed, number of driven miles, engine load, how many stops and starts, and also operating time. Based on this information (as well as other performance elements), the computer system could factor down the oil life to decide when the you would need oil change immediately.

How to Manage the Reset on Newer Models

You already know how to rest oil life on Honda Accord 2008. But what of you have the newer Accord models, starting from around 2007? You can do these steps:

  • Turn your ignition to Run, which is only a click before you actually START the engine
  • Find ‘Reset’ or ‘Select’ button which can be on the dashboard’s knob or the steering wheel. Depending on the car’s model, you need to repeatedly press that knob or scroll through it until you see the displayed ‘Engine Oil Indicator’ or ‘Engine Oil Life
  • Press that ‘Select/Reset’ button and hold it for around 10 seconds. You should see that the indicator light blinks
  • In the event the display shows ‘Engine Oil Life’, you need to press the button ‘Info’ (located on the car’s steering wheel) to choose the ‘Reset’ mode. Afterwards, you need to choose the ‘Reset/Select’ button so your oil life would return to 100%
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Final Words

Again, not everyone would be familiar with this step or method. For those adventurous souls, they may see this as an adventurous challenge where they test out their abilities. However, not everyone is happy with the thought that they need to do everything on their own. So, if these methods may seem overwhelming for you, simply consult the professional service and ask for their help. They definitely know how to rest oil life on Honda Accord 2008 to help you out.

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