A Long-Waited 2024 Honda Odyssey To Come With Exterior Changes

There are more to know about 2024 Honda Odyssey including the redesign information and release date. Yes, these two kinds of information are basically important for not only automakers but also Honda lovers.

Today, we would like to share Honda Odyssey 2024 model year so you can imagine what you can expect to receive on that vehicle. In general, this car will receive significant changes mostly on its exterior. Meanwhile, the overall design is said to be minor.

Now let’s check out the review below to look at the details.


Honda hasn’t officially announced its next gen yet but it is predicted that the redesign of both 2023 and 2024 model will be much identical. People can only speculate how the car will look like and what parts will be added to the model.

According to information released by Automotive News, the 2024 Honda Odyssey redesign will be published by the industry. The previous version which is 2018 model year was noted to receive only minor changes. This was based on the five-year Odyssey generation speculation. If we think that the 2024 model will have the same redesign, the vehicle’s appearance will be fresh as the best minivan options.

2024 Honda Odyssey
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In one hand, the Odyssey doesn’t have an all-wheel drive choice for terrible climates. On the other hand, Sienna offers not only FWD but also AWD configurations. In this case, Honda Odyssey 2024 model will use the same platform as 2023’s.

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Honda Odyssey 2024 model which is the fifth generation will appear elegantly just because of its simple redesign. The exterior part is dominated by the brown color covering nearly all of the vehicle’s parts. This brown color is the result of body wrapping.

For exterior, this upcoming car will likely have sport look due to the carbon fiber in some parts of the car. The carbon fiber material is added to the grill area, wiper handle and in sorts of rear view mirror. To complete the car’s appearance, this type of Honda Odyssey is also added with the body kit custom from the front spoiler and side skirts to the rear diffuser.

The car support legs uses Work Gnostic CV201 20 Inch rims while the car cross section has already layered by the carbon fiber.

Go Hybrid Or Not

It is juts common to question whether an upcoming car will go hybrid or not. In this case, the next gen of Honda Odyssey will not be a hybrid version. If you are looking for hybrid options, you could consider the Insight, CR-V Hybrid and Accord.

2024 Honda Odyssey Spy Shots
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In comparison to Toyota Sienna’s 36 mpg, 2024 Honda Odyssey minivan’s EPA fuel economy ratings are not remarkable at its 22 mpg.


Are you wondering how much to pay for Honda Odyssey 2024 model? It is not yet announced about the vehicle’s price but you can estimate it based on the 2023 version’s price which is increasing up to $38,635.

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2024 Honda Odyssey Redesign
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In short, the 2024 Honda Odyssey’s price can be around $39,000 and even higher.

Release Date

The on-sale dates on the current Odyssey version was due in the first half of 2023. What about the 2024 model? When will it be launched? There is no information announced officially. So, you had better keep waiting for the updates as they will be launched.

All in all, the 2024 Honda Odyssey will be coming with its minor changes on its overall design. However, the exterior parts are the ones that mostly receive the changes. When the car is ready for launch, make sure you stay tune for the updates.

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