How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Civic 2008 and Other Model Years

If you have a 2008 model of (Honda) Civic, it’s only natural that you should know how to reset oil life on Honda Civic 2008. A lot of people tend to underestimate the importance of resetting the oil life indicator light, thinking that it’s not important and it won’t affect their vehicle’s performance. It’s quite the contrary, really. If you ignore the regular maintenance and care, it would affect your car’s performance, including the comfort of the drive. That’s why you should never take anything for granted if you want your vehicle to function normally and it would last quite a long time.

Ways to Reset the Oil Life Indicator 2005 – 2011

This method applies to Civic model years from 2005 to 2011, so if you want to know how to reset oil life on Honda Civic 2008, this is the method that you should consult.

How To Check Oil Life On Honda Civic 2008
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  • You need to turn your ignition to the position ‘Run’. It is one position before you start the engine. It also means that you don’t need to start the engine
  • Find the ‘Reset/Select’ knob and press on it. Hold it off for several seconds until you see the (oil life) indicator being displayed
  • Again, press that knob for at least 10 seconds. It’s possible that you may need to press the knob longer than that. Wait until the indicator as well as the maintenance codes blink
  • After the blink, you still need to press the same knob and hold it off for at least 5 second. Once you do this, the maintenance (items) codes should go away, and the oil life would be reset back to 100%
  • You can now turn off the ignition.
  • Now, start the engine to check whether the indicator light has reset and function properly.
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About Honda Civic and Its Features

Every vehicle would be equipped with helpful and functional features to help drivers (and also passengers) feel comfortable as well as being helped with transportation. The same also goes to Honda Civic. One of those helpful features is the oil life indicator that would inform you not only how much oil being left, but also the quality of the oil itself. This indicator would notify you that you need to change the oil soon or right away.

Oil Life On Honda Civic 2008
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Whenever you change the oil, the indicator should be in 100% state because as you use the car, the numbers would decline slowly, depending on how often and how far you use the car. In case you don’t know it, the oil light is shown as this (little) orange wrench icon. If it doesn’t light up, then you have nothing to worry about. But if it lights up and you see this wrench, it means that your oil life has reached the low percentage. It means that you need to change the engine oil right away. This is why you should reset the indicator. You don’t want to miss out the oil change. Knowing how to reset oil life on Honda Civic 2008 can come in handy for your own peace of mind.

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic 2008
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If you consult the professional expert at the garage or at the dealership service, the indicator light would be automatically reset by the technician after a regular service and an oil change. However, not all services are able to show their professional courtesy and ethical conduct. In some cases, the car owners need to perform this method on their own. Moreover, some car owners prefer doing the oil change on their own, which means that they need to manage everything by themselves.

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Resetting the Oil Life on Newer Civic

If you have the newer model years of Honda Civic, it would be handy if you know how to reset it. Be advised that some steps may be similar to how to reset oil life on Honda Civic 2008, but some steps can be different.

  • You need to turn the ignition button to a position before actually starting the engine. DON’T start the engine
  • You want to press the button for menu. It’s the one having little ‘i’ close to the steering wheel (on the left side) twice
  • Press ‘Enter’ and hold it off for a while until the maintenance screen appears
  • You should be able to see onscreen options. You need to scroll them until you find the ‘Oil Life’ option. It’s usually the one expressed as ‘Item A’
  • Press the ‘Enter’ button and hold it off for several seconds. When it happens, your oil life should reset back to 100%

Resetting the Oil Life on the Older Civic

If you have an older Civic, this method can be good news for you. Basically, resetting the oil life on the older Civic is basically simpler. After all, you don’t want to drive an older vehicle without the knowledge that your car needs oil change or not.

  • Turn the ignition to the position before engine starts. You shouldn’t start the engine.
  • Find the button ‘Reset/SEL’. Press on it and then hold it off for several seconds. You should see that the indicator light begins to blink. Once it happens, you need to release it.
  • Again, you need to press that button again and hold it off again. When it happens, the indicator light should stop blinking. And it would reset to the condition 100% again.
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Final Words

Depending on the model year of your car, you can see that there are different methods and ways to reset the oil life indicator. If you have a 2008 Civic, you have learned the correct method to do the procedure. But in the event that you have other model years, you have known the proper ways to reset the indicator.

In the end, you need to remember that your car consists of different (intricate) elements and parts that need to be in their top shape to function properly. A seemingly simple care, such as an oil change, can be a crucial part in determining whether your vehicle will last or not. That’s why you should never ignore the proper maintenance schedules, and how to reset oil life on Honda Civic 2008.

Gallery of How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Civic 2008 and Other Model Years

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