2025 Toyota Tundra EV Truck in Expectation

Earlier, not many people believe that they can expect the 2025 Toyota Tundra to be coming with electric powertrain, but it turns out that they can be wrong. Toyota may not be known to be quite fast in releasing the electric models, but things have changed. The Japanese auto manufacturer has revealed their plan on having a pickup EV truck, and it can be quite exciting.

The Updated Plan

It’s great if Toyota wants to start electrifying their pickup trucks lineup, considering that many auto brands have been focusing on making electric models. With Toyota’s plan to have 70 electric cars before 2025, it’s quite logical if they are boosting the manufacturing process. From 50 models, around 15 would be electric-battery models. 7 of these 15 models with bZ moniker. There would also be X lineups that refer to all wheel driving system and dual motor layout.

2025 Toyota Tundra EV Price
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Considering that there is no (pickup) truck within the bZ lineups, meaning that the company seems to focus on electrifying their already existing models instead of creating a new one. After all, creating electric trucks from a scratch isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

Tundra’s EV Specialty

In the past, the idea of having electric truck seemed impossible. After all, trucks are designed to tow, haul, and deal with heavy stuff, and people are skeptical that electric powertrain would be able to manage such a powerful management. But technology always improves, and now people like the idea of having electric trucks that aren’t only powerful, but also environmentally friendly.

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2025 Toyota Tundra EV Release Date
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The Tundra has been known as this tough and reliable truck lineup from Toyota, so it’s only logical that many auto enthusiasts are waiting in anticipation for the 2025 Toyota Tundra. Toyota has shown the concept during Shanghai Auto Show, but that’s about it. Since then, they have been quiet about their own development and next production plan.

Tundra’s Transformation

There have been some refreshment on the exterior (whether it’s grandeur or subtle), as well as interior updates. Rumor has it that there would be better display screen for the interior, along with updated techs and better features. But again, we still need to wait for further (and official) confirmation about the entire transformation.

The Offroad Variant

Toyota wants to show off that even when their models are developed with electric unit, it doesn’t mean that they will have weak offroad ability. In fact, they want to prove that electric powertrain can actually improve the offroad ability and performance of the truck. The Tundra is said to have impressive offroad ability with thick tires, lower gravity center, and also a plentiful of instant torque.

2025 Toyota Tundra EV
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It’s unclear to which point Toyota has come with their EV truck development, but if the images are any of the indication, it’s probable that they are ready for production soon. Many auto enthusiasts predict that Toyota would be ready with the latest updates within several months, so we should wait and see until they are ready with the latest revelation.


When compared to the other models, the entry level for the Tundra is a bit higher – at least, from what the 2022 model price range. But the higher tag is worth it because the standard features are generally higher and better than the other rival models. The SR trim, for instance, is packed with (coil spring) rear suspension and also a V6 twin turbo unit generating 379 hp.

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If the price range from the 2022 model can provide insight and information about the upcoming 2025 Toyota Tundra, expect it to start from more than $39,000 for the SR entry level up to Capstone Hybrid with its $80,000 tag.

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