2025 Toyota MR2: Will It Make It to Production?

There have been rumors about the 2025 Toyota MR2 which is said to be a promising successor of the iconic ride that stopped producing in 2007. If the plan is true, the next generation MR2 would have to be designed as a nimble, lightweight, and simple sports ride coming out from the top-notch Japanese auto manufacturer. If the company wants their new MR2 to hit it off, then they need to focus on those special elements.

About the MR2

The MR2 is the first ever rear mid-engine car that was made by this Japanese auto manufacturer. It is coming as a mid-engine sports ride with two seat layout and rear wheel driving system. It is made in Japan, and then globally marketed within three generations, from 1984 to 2007. The first one was the W10 from 1984 to 1989. The second one was W20 from 1989 to 1999, and the third one was the W30 from 1999 to 2007.

2025 Toyota MR2
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Toyota’s Plan

Although the company has shared some of its plan for its upcoming exciting models, you have to admit that the MR2 has been one of the most exciting one. The compact design, paired up with mid engine sport style, makes it ideal for Japanese philosophy that believes that less is more. Although the MR had stopped producing in 2007, there have been rumors that the company is planning up on reviving this sports ride again, and the target year would be the 2025. And when it does, it would be the fourth gen of the nameplate.

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The Scheme for Affordability

The company claims that their fourth gen would be coming in 2025 without providing the exact details of the date. Toyota is known for their partnership efforts with others, especially if they make something from a scratch. For instance, Yamaha is responsible for many of high performance models of Lexus and Toyota. But Toyota is also working together with Subaru and Beemer, but for the MR2, they will get help from Daihatsu and Suzuki. These names, unfortunately, aren’t known for their high performance rides, which means that the MR2 would be quite affordable.

2025 Toyota MR2 Release Date
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But then again, affordability means that you can’t really have a lot of options when it comes to the engine option. It seems that Toyota would be using a turbo three unit with 1.0 liter capacity (instead of the turbo three unit with 1.6 liter capacity), which may deliver 150 hp and around 170 Nm of torque.

The costs for the manufacturing would be divided between the three manufacturers. Suzuki is responsible for the engine, while Toyota is for the basic platform (and the architecture) and also the front suspension. And then Daihatsu would be responsible for the overall styling.

Powertrain and Performance

The original MR2 was coming with inline four supercharged unit with 1.6 liter capacity, delivering 145 hp and 186 Nm of torque. The car is able to cover 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, which is quite impressive. But the next generation MR2 is said to deliver more promising outcome.

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Since Toyota won’t continue making their another sports ride, the 86, it’s should be easy to make the option for the 2025 model. The MR2 is set to be a lighter and smaller ride, but punch a lot of power and promising features. If you want a compact and somewhat fun ride, but still affordable and promising, then you have either the 2025 Toyota MR2 or the MX-5 (from Mazda).

2025 Toyota MR2 Specs
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With the engine layout, many auto enthusiasts are wondering whether Toyota is planning out a bigger unit (and whether the new ride will have just enough space to accommodate it). It’s exciting to wait for Toyota’s confirmation and plan for their upcoming production. We should wait for further info of 2025 Toyota MR2.

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