2025 Toyota Grand Highlander: Likely Remaining the Same as the Current One

What can you expect from the upcoming 2025 Toyota Grand Highlander? First of all, keep in mind that Grand Highlander is a full size SUV that offers not only comfortable ride, but also quality driving experience. Although information is very limited about the 2025 model, there have been some flying rumors about its production and possible updates. What can we expect from this big SUV, anyway?

The Updated Plan

The possibility for the new 2025 Toyota Grand Highlander to get major updates would be slim. It’s because the 2024 model had been dubbed as the all new model. It means that the 2024 model had already come with new interior, exterior, and also powertrain. That’s why the 2025 model would likely come as a carryover without any major changes. Minor updates are still possible, but it’s likely very little and not obviously visible.

2025 Toyota Grand Highlander Changes
2025 Toyota Grand Highlander Changes

Model and Design

The Grand Highlander is a big vehicle. It has this boxy look and tall stance. It looks tough and menacing with a slim grille (placed right on top of a big air intake), recessed fog lights, and triangular headlights. On the back, you see a reserved style with dual exhaust outlets, simple taillights with diamond shape, a small rear spoiler, and rear end with the upright manner. This same design will continue to the 2025 model.

Because of its tall construction and boxy appearance, the Grand Highlander is known for its spacious cabin. It’s big enough to accommodate three rows of seats, just enough to carry 8 adult passengers. The design may look conservative, but it also looks modern, thanks to the dashboard layout. Not only it comes with modern dash, but it also incorporates big physical control and elongated center console. It’s predicted that the interior cabin will remain the same for the 2025 model as well.

2025 Toyota Grand Highlander
2025 Toyota Grand Highlander

Basically, the current Grand Highlander is big and spacious. It has 97.5 cubic feet for the cargo, which means that you should expect the same dimension for the 2025 model. And you should also expect a lot of storage space for your stuff and belongings, because that’s one of the car’s biggest forte.

Price and Trim Levels

The auto maker hasn’t made any official announcement concerning their upcoming 2025 Toyota Grand Highlander, but considering that it may not be different from the 2024 model, it’s likely that the price will stay the same. If not, expect a slight price increase, but only a little bit. It means that the starting price is around $44,000 to $59,000, max.

In case you don’t know it, the Grand Highlander is offered in 7 trim levels, total – 3 are gas and 4 are electric.

  • The base trim is the XLE set at around $44,000
  • The next one would be the Limited at $48,000
  • It’s followed by the Platinum with a tag of $54,000
  • The Hybrid XLE would be the base trim for the electrified version, set at around $45,000
  • The next one would be Hybrid Limited at $52,000
  • The next one again would be Hybrid Max Limited with a tag of $55,000
  • Hybrid Max Platinum would be the highest trim level for the electrified version, set at $59,000

Powertrain and Performance

The gas unit will likely remain the same with four cylinder turbocharged unit of 2.4 liter capacity, able to generate 265 hp and 310 Nm of torque. It’s offered with front wheel driving system as the standard and all wheel driving as the optional pick. It’s paired with auto 8 speed transmission.

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2025 Toyota Grand Highlander Specs
2025 Toyota Grand Highlander Specs

No information can be disclosed about the electrified version, but it’s possible that they will remain the same. What’s known is that the hybrid is incorporating four cylinder hybrid unit with 2.5 liter capacity.

Release Date

There is no information about the release date either, but it’s predicted to take place in 2024, around summer or even fall months. We should know more about 2025 Toyota Grand Highlander once more info is available.

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