10 Best SUVs that Can Last Over 200.000 miles

These days, everyone and their neighbor has an SUV. Over the years, all vehicle segments have evolved, and SUVs in particular have become safer and more luxurious than ever.

This has brought us to the SUV era, where even automakers are responding to increased demand with more SUV volume, even discontinuing their smaller vehicles in favor of larger options. And why not? SUVs are roomy, feature-packed, very powerful and not always limited to the road.


Almost all cars can go 200,000 miles or more if you’re willing to spend the money.

But that’s not necessarily a good idea. It’s better to buy a safe, reliable model and then maintain it accordingly: stick to the maintenance schedules in the owner’s manual, take care of minor problems as they arise, and keep it clean.

When you buy a new car, you usually want it to last. Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car.

For the vast majority of consumers, buying a new car on impulse is not a financially viable option, and for those who only own one car, a breakdown can be a big problem for their daily commute or some long-distance trips.

Automotive research and data website iSeeCars has compiled a list of the top 10 vehicles that are likely to last more than 200,000 miles before experiencing their first breakdown. Don’t you think that’s amazing?

Kia Telluride, 250.000 miles

The Kia Telluride ranks among the top choices on JD Power’s chart for upper midsize SUVs and speaks volumes about the SUV’s capabilities. A beautiful SUV to look at, the Telluride has an extensive list of features and equipment that would impress all buyers.

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Kia Telluride
Source : Topgear.com.ph

Most impressively, this large Korean SUV scored a fantastic 92 out of 100 in the Consumer Reports test drive, along with a complete owner satisfaction rating of 5 out of 5. With the impressive and solid Lambda II engine, the Kia Telluride should easily last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles.

Chevrolet Tahoe, 250,338 miles

A shorter-wheelbase version of the iconic Suburban, the Tahoe has been on the road for five generations since 1995. Featuring the same V8 engines as the Suburban and Yukon, it was originally offered in three- and five-door models.

Chevrolet Tahoe
Source : Mavink.com

In 2000, however, the three-door model was discontinued, along with its boxy styling. In its current incarnation, the premium SUV is now available with a six-cylinder diesel engine.

Honda Pilot, 250,000 miles

It may come as no surprise that the Honda Pilot is one of the most durable midsize SUVs, according to iSeeCars. While the top 10 has plenty of pickups and Toyota options, the Honda Pilot has a 42.7% chance of reaching 250,000 miles. That’s more than 3.6% higher than the average vehicle, proving it’s a very durable option.

Honda Pilot
Source : Motor1.com

The average vehicle has only an 11.8% chance of reaching 250,000 miles. That’s higher than it used to be, but still low.

This Honda SUV has also earned high reliability scores, good value retention ratings, and high safety ratings in recent years. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Pilot 2023 good scores in most of its major crashworthiness tests. The high safety ratings indicate that the SUV is better equipped to avoid collisions and protect occupants in the event of a crash.

Acura MDX-250,000

While the Acura MDX is considered one of the most rugged midsize SUVs, it’s also the most reliable option. The MDX has a 29.2 percent chance of reaching 250,000 miles, which is still more than 2.5 times the average vehicle lifespan. With a reliability score of 9.3, it is a dependable option that remains one of the most durable SUVs.

Acura MDX
Source : Acura MDX

Acura has proven to be a winner with the Acura MDX, and a new version costs an average of $55,962. A three-year-old version costs an average of $44,272. It earned high marks for reliability, value retention, and safety. The MDX is in the luxury midsize SUV category and has proven to be a reliable brand choice.

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Lincoln Navigator, 252,000

The Lincoln Navigator, essentially the most luxurious version of the Ford Expedition, is an extremely well-built and feature-packed SUV. Stunning to look at, the Navigator is powered by a 440-horsepower twin-turbo V6, with AWD or RWD options.

Lincoln Navigator
Source : Mavink.com

This luxury SUV features an aluminum body and huge 20-inch wheels, along with all kinds of luxury inside. In Consumer Reports, the SUV has a 3/5 reliability rating, which is quite good for its class. In fact, owner satisfaction with the SUV is even better, sitting at 4/5.

GMC Yukon XL: 252,360 miles

Mechanically identical to the Suburban, the Yukon XL debuted in 2000 as a more luxurious version of GM’s large SUV. The seven-passenger vehicle also offered a range of durable engines, including the 8.1-liter Vortec V8.

GMC Yukon XL
Source : Thetorquereport.com

Now in its fifth generation, the Yukon XL is available with a diesel engine for the first time. Given the long-lasting reliability of a Cetane engine, the latest Yukon XL should last even longer.

Honda CR-V— 260,000 millas

The CR-V is one of the best small SUVs around, thanks to its roomy cabin, good fuel economy, and nimble handling. The base engine is a 184-horsepower, 2.4-liter 4-cylinder, and the sporty EX and higher trim levels offer a 190-horsepower, 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Both are mated to a well-functioning CVT. Fuel economy is admirable, with 28 mpg overall compared to the EX. The handling is nimble and solid, and the ride is firm and stable. Road noise is well suppressed, and the cabin is quiet for its class. The interior is very comfortable and roomy, especially the back seat, although the base LX seats are less supportive. EX and higher models come standard with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, plus automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning.

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Honda CR-V
Source : Honda CR-V

Chevrolet Suburban (265,732 miles)

Although it has been known as America’s “soccer mom” vehicle for the past two decades, the Chevy Suburban has been around for much longer. GM began building the vehicle in 1934 as the “Carryall Suburban,” which later became a full-size pickup truck.

Chevrolet Suburban
Source : Lifequestalliance.com

After a brief hiatus during World War II, the Suburban has been around for 12 generations. It is relatively mechanically simple, and the full-size SUV has featured several bulletproof engines that have helped Chevrolet go far.

Toyota Land Cruiser, 280,236 miles

Revered as one of the best, if not the best, adventure, off-road, and rescue vehicles ever made, the Land Cruiser has been in production since 1951. Over seven generations, Toyota has shipped more than 10 million Land Cruisers around the world.

Toyota Land Cruiser
Source : Toyota Land Cruiser

Often seen in military, rescue, and relief operations conducted by the United Nations, it’s no surprise that the Land Cruiser is high on the list. Unfortunately, Toyota has decided to pull the nearly indestructible SUV from the U.S. for the 2023 model year.

Toyota Sequoia: 296,509 miles

According to iSeeCars, 6.6% of all Toyota Sequoias stayed on the road for more than 200,000 miles. Even better, the Sequoia was one of only five models to reach 300,000 miles and beyond, according to the study.

Toyota Sequoia
Source : Motorauthority.com

Designed and built specifically for the North American market, the Toyota Sequoia is the largest non-military SUV produced by the company. Derived from the proven Tundra pickup truck, the seven-seat vehicle offered an alternative to U.S.-branded SUVs.


Paying attention to maintenance cycles is critical. Every vehicle has an owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer that outlines a maintenance schedule that lists each service and when it is required. This may include routine items such as tire rotations and oil changes, but it may also include recommendations for more important items such as timing chains.

In addition, when problems do occur, it is critical to get the vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. To preserve the chances of having a long-lasting vehicle, it is critical not to skimp and to use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts for repairs. Warranties do not cover more than 200,000 miles, so getting to a quarter of a million miles is up to the owner.

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