2025 Lexus UX: The Focus on 2023 Model Development

There is no information about 2025 Lexus UX for now, because the company is still focusing on their 2023 model year. With the company entering the fourth model year for 2023, it’s high time for heavy (and serious) refreshment. The RX and NX variants have been around for 7 years before the auto maker decides on a new generation. So, the company is making plans for their UX line. So, what’s the next update plan for this line?

The Updated Plan

If everything goes as planned, the UX for 2023 model year should get a refreshment soon enough, or even a next generation touchup. The new model should have more power and abilities, with packed features and technologies. According to some sources, the parent brand, Toyota, has filled an application for a trademark for UX 3500 term in several markets, including Australia, Europe, and also North America.

2025 Lexus UX
Source : Carbuzz.com

The trademark application doesn’t always mean that the intended product would be finally manufactured or being sold to the market. But there is a good reason why such an application is being filled. Not to mention that Lexus actually has good reasons to take their UX to the higher level.

About the UX Hybrid

The UX Hybrid is set as a single model, and it’s for 2023. You may think that it’s a carryover from UX 250h because of the similar powertrain, but the UX Hybrid has a completely different power and performance. It’s running on four cylinder Atkinson unit with 2.0 liter capacity, paired up with 1.4 kWh battery and two (electric) motors, generating 181 hp and 149 Nm of torque.

2025 Lexus UX 250h
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The hybrid system within NX 300h would be running on four cylinder unit with 2.5 liter capacity that can generate 203 hp and 184 Nm of torque. For the ES 300h, the similar arrangement results in 215 hp and it’s 220 hp for the IS 300h. Toyota has a plan to tweak their 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid unit to generate 194 hp, which means that the luxury-brand UX should be getting power upgrades and engine tweaks. The all new RX and updated NX have been around on market, while Corolla Cross Hybrid would launch next year. It would be logical if Lexus would want to get their second gen UX be ready.

The 2023 Inspiration

As it was mentioned before, the company is focusing on their new 2023 model, which may likely set the standard for the upcoming 2025 Lexus UX. The 2023 model is only offered with hybrid powertrain, but it gets extra perks with updated suspension system, steering wheel, better infotainment system, and more reliable safety features.

2025 Lexus UX Hybrid
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Some sources state that this hybrid-only model may be offered with a new nameplate: the UXh. You will also be given various options, including F Sport Handling and F Sport Design. The F Sport Design is about equipment and visual appearance. You can enjoy F Sport specific grille, wheels, dark roof rails, and others. The F-Sport specific parts would also be included in the interior cabin, including the pedals, instrument cluster, steering wheel, front sport seats, and gear selector.  You can also expect Active Variable Suspension and performance tuned dampers.

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Final Words

Even without those packages, you can expect the UXh 2023 to be better than the UX 2022. It can drive quieter and better, while still retaining its smooth performance and quality ride. With the 2023 model is still around, it would be difficult to pinpoint what the company wants to do for the future production. We still don’t know what to expect from the upcoming model year, but once there is more official information about the 2025 Lexus UX, we should know more about it.

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