2025 Corvette SUV and the Future of New Nameplate

The idea of having 2025 Corvette SUV may be odd for now. Who would have thought that there would be an SUV with Corvette iconic name, which is often associated with a sporty ride? But this nameplate is real as Chevrolet has been thinking about expanding their lineup even though they have to deal with some hesitations along the way. Not to mention that electrified technology has changed the way auto industry moves, runs, and operates. And Chevy has to cope with it, coming with new innovations in order to make it a success. So, what we can learn about the SUV Corvette, after all?

About the Corvette SUV

Chevrolet wants to expand its line beyond the classic and iconic two seater models. The auto maker is planning on creating a new EV sub-brand (mostly performance focused types), which would include a (four door) sedan and also an SUV along the way. Some sources state that the Corvette SUV would be running on gas unit. It would be constructed with the same platform that makes the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing and also CT4-V Blackwing.

2025 Corvette SUV
Source : Corvette SUV

It may mean that there would be two different SUV sizes being offered: one is a midsize type, and another one is a compact ride. The SUV would be competing against strong rivals, like Beemer X5 M and X3 M as well as Porsche Cayenne and Macan. Expect this SUV to be a completely all new model, which can add up to the strong lineup for the upcoming sale. If everything goes as planned and there is no hindrance along the way, this new SUV should be ready and be released before 2024 ends.

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Price and Trim Levels

The 2025 Corvette SUV would be offered in several different trim levels. The first, and the base, trim level would be the 1LT which would be set at around $60,000. The rather higher trim level would be the 2LT with a tag price of $70,000. The third one, and would likely be the highest trim level, would be the 3LT with a tag of $80,000. Keep in mind that these price ranges are only prediction and estimation because the auto maker hasn’t said anything about it. But this estimation provides us with clearer ideas of what to expect from the new line.

2025 Corvette SUV Price
Source : Mavink.com

Interesting Features

Not only an SUV with Corvette nameplate is interesting and unique, but you should also expect interesting features along the way. This SUV is said to accommodate five adult people generously. It has generous cargo space, generous interior space, and impressive ground clearance, and also speedy performance. All of these things offer good values for the Corvette SUV, while maintaining accessible and affordable price range. Some auto enthusiasts even predict that the entry level trim may be offered with lower price than the current C8 Corvette with its mid engine layout although there is a possibility that the upper trims may even reach the Z06 price standard.

2025 Corvette SUV Changes
Source : Carscoops.com

Powertrain and Performance

There is no information for the powertrain, at least for now. According to a theory, a Corvette SUV with a compact size should be able to accommodate four cylinder turbocharged unit or even a V6 twin turbo unit. A midsize SUV would definitely come with bigger V8 unit with 6.2 liter capacity. Escalade V has been using the supercharged version. If Chevrolet wants to somewhat drops it and names it the Corvette SUV Z06, we should be able to see an interesting competition between this SUV and other Lambo Urus and Ferrari Purosangue.

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Final Words

We can’t really say a lot of things about the new SUV. Aside from the fact that the information is limited, the SUV seems to be in the development stage. It means that production is still several years ahead, and we won’t know more about the 2025 Corvette SUV until the company makes official announcement.

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