2025 Lexus EV Supercar and the Promises that Lexus Makes

Everyone is excited about the possibility of 2025 Lexus EV supercar which is believed not only punchy and promising, but also visually good looking. Lexus has been known as its luxury reputation; they make only premium and exclusive models. And now, with the electrified scheme and also supercar name, the car has a more promising future. Of course, the information is very limited, but expect the super ride to be potentially mind blowing. What will it look like?

The Current Planning

Back then when Lexus introduced their new (and also all electric) super ride, they claimed that it would be the (spiritual) successor to their legendary LFA model. Back then, they hadn’t come with any name just yet.

2025 Lexus EV Supercar
Source : Carscoops.com

In case you don’t know it, the coupe LFA was constructed from (mostly) carbon fiber composite. It was running on V10 unit that delivered 553 hp. For the new EV, obviously, it won’t be running on any internal combustion unit, no matter how appealing and exotic it seems. But no need to worry, as this super car won’t be lousy or lame. Instead, it would depend on electric motors to generate incredible performance and outcome.

Lexus themselves hasn’t provided much about the detailed process, but they do state that the newer version of the LFA is able to cover 60 mph in only 2 seconds, which is quite impressive. The body would be sleek, hiding solid state battery pack inside it. The body work may be a combo between Toyota Supra and McLaren 720S, and it’s able to cover 435 miles of distance. If the future super ride sounds exciting, well, it is.

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The Future 2025 Concept

Lexus believed that the future of auto industry lies in electrified models. Moreover, they don’t believe in taking shortcuts as they are sure that true success can only be achieved through hard work and solid dedication. The company also wants to achieve perfection in all electric vehicle in all segments by pushing on versatility, refinement, and also performance. And with the combination of dealer network (on nationwide basis), impeccable craftsmanship, and innovative design, Lexus is confident enough that they can achieve the highest standard in perfection.

2025 Lexus Electric Suv
Source : Allautoexperts.com

For their future production, Lexus has planned on having a full lineup of electric vehicles only. With this supercar concept, again with all electric offer, it seems that this ride would be a  perfect flagship option for the electrified performance rides.

Price and Trim Levels

For now, it seems that the 2025 Lexus EV Supercar would only be offered in one trim level, which is the base. The starting price is estimated to be around $100,000, which is basically a logical price range for such a performance ride.

2025 Lexus EV
Source : Thedetroitbureau.com

If we remembered back to the 2012, Lexus had made around 500 units of FLAs, pricing each one of them with a tag of $350,000. The new supercar EV will likely be made with limited numbers too, but many are hopeful that it won’t be as exclusive or pricy as the last LFA models. But still, we can only make speculations and predictions, but everyone is sure that the price tag would have six figures, at least.

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What the Future Holds?

Although Lexus has introduced their upcoming electrified sports car concept, there is always a possibility that it would change. With the company having their own electrified sport line, they have different concepts that cover different models. They introduce the electrified sedan concept as well as the electrified SUV. By offering both models, Lexus is hopeful that they can expand their offer to a wider market, attracting more buyers. We still don’t know about the details of the production, but we should know more about 2025 Lexus EV Supercar.

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