2025 Kia Forte: All the Expected Updates

No one knows what will happen to 2025 Kia Forte because the company has just released their 2023 model year of Forte. There have been different rumors about the future of the Forte. Some say that the new Forte would be coming with a redesigned model, possibly accompanied by a new nameplate too. Some, however, state that the company hasn’t made any plan concerning the 2025’s development because they have just rolled out the 2023 model. Whatever the outcome is, it’s expected that the new Forte would be as pleasant as ever; hopefully, with better updates too.

The Rumored New Design

Some of the auto magazines (and other sources) claim that the 2025 Kia Forte would be a redesigned model. It’s likely coming as a new generation, and possibly be called differently in North American sector. It’s possibly be called a K3 instead of the Forte.

Auto fans and enthusiasts, definitely, have their own expectations. The Forte has been known as this solid and promising ride, but the 2025’s model is claimed to be even better than before. Many of them expect the new Forte to be wider, taller, and longer. It doesn’t have to be excessively longer; just a slight will do. Changes may likely focus on the design and appearance instead of powertrain. Because of the high fuel prices, it would be difficult to imagine Kia to have a bigger engines – or even ditch the current CVT layout.

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2025 Kia Forte
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Moreover, the upcoming Elantra has maintained the carryover traits, especially for the powerplants, so it’s likely applicable to Kia too. It’s even possible that Kia may even offer (and provide) the sub 2.0 liter capacity units for their European market, in the event fuel prices get completely bad.

Possible Design and Development

There is a high possibility that the new Forte (or the K3) would be constructed on the same platform used by the Elantra. If that’s the case, then the new Forte would have an independent rear suspension utilized across the variant’s line-up.

When it comes to market placement or styling, Kia may possibly emulate the visual appearance or look of the (European) touring rides, such as the 3 Series from Beemer, which is different from Elantra. The Elantra is somewhat lower and has this sophisticated (and fun) nightclub vibe. A lot of Kia’s loyal fans want the Forte to look like the classy ride of the European cars.

2025 Kia Forte Price
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Because the sedan segment is waning, the K5 model may be discontinued as a sedan and it would be converted into a compact SUV instead, especially in North American market. Forte is one of the best selling models in North America from Kia, which means that it’s not likely be cut off from the company’s production. However, there is a possibility that the Forte would have a double ‘task’ arrangements in the compact (and midsize) market. If this is the scenario, then the car may get an upmarket ‘treatment’ with higher tag prices and nicer interior. Those who want to get an affordable and low cost vehicle may not find Forte suitable for their needs, so they will turn to Rio instead.

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Possible Powertrain

Does it mean that the 2025 Forte would get hybrid or even electric power? There is no information about it, but considering that most auto makers are heading toward electrification, there is always a possibility that there would be hybrid powertrain.

2025 Kia Forte Review
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There is also a possibility that Forte may have to rebrand its imagine. The furry and cute ‘hamster’ may not be applicable anymore, but it may be the urban ride for young (and hip) professionals. But then again, we need to stay tune to its updates, considering that the info about 2025 Kia Forte is very limited for now.

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