2025 Mazda 3 and Electrification Planning on the Way

Although speculations have been made for 2025 Mazda 3, and especially since the company doesn’t seem to reveal anything for their upcoming production, it’s highly possible that Mazda has finally joined the electrified vehicles bandwagon so they can be prepared for the future production. They believe that it’s better late than never even though it also means that they need to work extra hard to deal with competitors like Tesla, Hyundai, and even Toyota. So, what can we learn from the upcoming Mazda 3 production?

About Mazda and Its EV Development

You have to admit that Mazda isn’t the most advanced leader when it comes to electrified vehicles. Whereas other auto makers have been switching platforms and coming up with new innovations to deal with the future of EVs, Mazda is still left behind. However, just because they are a bit slow when it comes to electrified technology, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about going that way. In fact, they have figured out ways to deal with their strongest rivals, although they have to work extra hard to catch up.

2025 Mazda 3
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As it was mentioned before, their rivals (such as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and Tesla) have been busy working on their electric models. They have even made their own electrified line-ups and rolling out their electric models. But Mazda isn’t entirely left behind as they have just manufactured their MX30 for the 2022 model, which is constructed as the first BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) from the company.

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When compared to the others, the MX-30’s ability to cover 100 miles on electric juice only isn’t very impressive. But it’s a start, and at least, it shows that Mazda is starting with their new electric technology. Moreover, there is always a possibility that everything will improve and get better with the new 3 model.

The Speculation of the Patent Filing

Auto enthusiasts are somewhat confident enough that things would improve positively with the new 2025 Mazda 3 because of the new patent news, hinting that the company is serious enough about developing their new lines. Many are sure that the new patents are the positive indication of what to expect from the new 3 model.

2025 Mazda 3 Release Date
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The company is now busy focusing on their CX90 development, which is set as the company’s first ever PHEV, planned to reveal and introduce in 2023. The company turns out have created a plan to have 40% of sales from their BEV line-ups before 2030. And everything will start from the patent filing submitted by Mazda just recently.

The Patent Indication

Mazda has recently filed up a patent application, revealing somewhat a unique chassis with its signature ‘skateboard’ style. This kind of chassis is generally used by the electric vehicles. At first, the patent revealed a seemingly typical and general chassis for a compact sedan. It’s not completely different from the current Mazda 3, but it’s definitely for BEV underpinnings, after some intensive digging and close-up inspection.

2025 Mazda 3 Turbo
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As it was mentioned before, the new patent is about a ‘skateboard’ chassis platform style, which would incorporate thin battery pack (especially compared to the current model on the market). As the next gen battery technology which may include solid state batteries, this kind of platform arrangement would be needed to accommodate the new electric system.

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Many people are pretty sure that the patent drawings are about the future of Mazda 3. If it’s true, then the 2025 model would be coming with one electric motor (for propulsion) on the front side. There is no information about whether it would be coming as a rear or all wheel driving system. Nevertheless, this upcoming model can play a crucial role in Mazda’s future production. Since there is no information about the release date or price of 2025 Mazda 3, we can only wait for the official release later.

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