2025 Camaro Z28: The Possibly Last Internal Combustion Camaro before Electrification

What can you expect from the upcoming 2025 Camaro Z28? Although some sources have claimed that Camaro would be electrified, there is still hope for those who are into the internal combustion type. Rumor has it that Chevy wants to produce the last internal combustion muscle ride for the Camaro before they finally switch to the electric model. The legendary muscle ride would be manufactured in limited numbers, offered as the limited edition type for those interested. But then again, if Chevy is able to pull it off in such a short time, they should get an applause for their efforts and hard work.

About the New 2025 Chevy Camaro Z28

It’s a good thing that Chevy doesn’t decide to axe the Z28 off although the future is unclear with the Z28 being electrified. But then again, there is still hope for the electrification, with some brands and names proven to make some of the best electric vehicles we know today.

2025 Camaro Z28 Exterior
2025 Camaro Z28 Exterior

For those who want to own the internal combustion model of the Z28, Chevrolet has decided that they are going to do their best for the limited edition of the 2025 model. The company plans to end their internal combustion Camaro’s production before 2024 ends, and then replace it with the electric type. Before it happens, they plan on give it a ‘bang’ for the Z28, packing up fuel power, performance oriented features, and authentic driving experience. After all, the original Z28 was designed for track performance, so it’s only natural if the forerunners have the similar features.

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Performance and Quality

There’s not much to tell about the 2025 Camaro Z28 because Chevrolet doesn’t say much about their new ride. But with the track performance focus, it should be a mean, but lean, racing machine. There is a possibility that the new Camaro Z28 would cut off some weights, which suggest the usage of carbon fiber even more. There is also a possibility that the company would remove any material with sound deadening effect and even remove the rear seat.

2025 Camaro Z28 Interior
2025 Camaro Z28 Interior

Engine and Layout

The new Z28 will likely use the Alpha longitudinal engine platform (from GM), which has been used by the current Z28. With Brembo calipers and carbon ceramic rotors as well as (Multimatic) spool valve dampers, the new Z28 seems promising and great.  We don’t really know for sure how the Z28 will turn out, but with such top notch specs, it’s difficult to imagine that the Z28 would be lame.

2025 Camaro Z28 Engine
2025 Camaro Z28 Engine

Many of the loyal fans and customers are expecting the LT6 unit which is said to deliver 670 hp. It’s considered ideal and punchy enough for such a muscle ride. However, the emission regulations have made it difficult to make something so powerful and great. It means that we have to be satisfied enough with the Z06 unit that is able to churn 650 hp and manual six speed transmission. Let alone when it’s packed up together with massive R-comp tires with extra grip (under the fenders) that will improve traction even under great power.  It’s even okay if Chevy decides to use the LT6 unit (able to produce 600 hp) as long as it’s coming with manual six speed transmission.

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Price and Release Date

If everything goes out smoothly, the new Z28 should be ready around fall time in 2024. It’s said that Chevy plans on making around 1000 units for the muscle ride, but there is always a possibility that they may manufacture less. Information about the price hasn’t been made, but considering that it’s a limited edition type, be ready with the hefty price tag. Hopefully, Chevrolet will make the 2025 Camaro Z28 before any obstructions happen.

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