2025 Lexus GX Improvements for the Future Models

Rumor has it that the new 2025 Lexus GX (460) will get significant updates and improvements, not only in the makeup departments, but in performance, power, and also quality. It’s basically a due time improvements considering that many of its loyal fans have been waiting for some updates. If the rumor is true, then the 2025 makeover would be the perfect moment to reveal a new full size improvement since its debut in 2010. The company promises that the makeover won’t compromise the luxury-image that has always been associated with the line.

The Visual Changes

The company has planned to revolutionize the ways (luxury) industry run and operate. That’s why they are serious when they are improving on GX 460’s new look and performance. From the physical design alone, you can tell that the GX is completely changing.

You can tell that the SUV is somewhat bigger, bulkier, and bolder, with most significant changes happening on the front area. When you compare the front end with the previous (and even current) model, the LED headlights are more angular. And yet they look smoother and more streamlined. There is a sense of simplicity in the design, connecting the (attached) black spindle grille and the bumper intake.

2025 Lexus GX Exterior
2025 Lexus GX Exterior

The rise on the bonnet somewhat reminds you of the old-school Range Rover designs. It looks retro even with a modern (and contemporary) touch. And let’s not forget the LED bar, which is full width, located on the top side of the tailgate. This design is inspired from Prius. From the look of it, the 2025 GX has an authoritative, strong, and solid appearance. Everything is emphasized by the wheel arches (the box shaped type) located right under the expansive fenders. There is an obvious rise, right above the waistline, drawing attention to the tough-looking and broad shoulders located back at it.

Performance and Powertrain

The information about the 2025 Lexus GX is still limited and scarce up until today, but we should hear more about it later. What’s confirmed is that the GX would be using the TNGA-F platform, but the shorter version. The platform has been used for Lexus LX600 as well as Toyota’s products, like Sequoia and Land Cruiser 300. The GX would be using the shortened one.

2025 Lexus GX Engine
2025 Lexus GX Engine

Because of the platform and its body on frame design, the new GX will keep its solid offroad abilities. Not only it’s faster, but it would also be more comfortable while being on the road. The company hasn’t provided any technical specs, but this SUV should be coming with V6 hybrid unit instead of a V8 one.

Interior Cabin and Techs

As one of the luxury SUVs, you can expect a nice blend of safety, comfort, and top notch infotainment system. It should be exclusive, plush, and convenient too. Driving around is more comfortable with more technologies to help you on the road. Some of the available techs would include blind spot monitoring system hill-start assist control, rear cross traffic alert, and others.

2025 Lexus GX Interior
2025 Lexus GX Interior

Release Date and Price

Again, information is very limited up to this point, including the release date and price range. Many have predicted that the new GX 460 may start from around $60,000, which isn’t too far away from the current price range. This range may go up to $70,000 for those with more features and techs.

Since there is no information about the launch date, it’s expected to take place in 2024. Many have predicted that it will happen after the mid of the year toward the end of that year. We are still in the dark when it comes to 2025 Lexus GX, so it’s better that we wait for official announcement.

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